Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

8 inches is too big

But I'm going to learn to live with it. §§
An extremely boring day. Up late - 7:45 before I woke up, 8 or so in the shower. Made it a Dramon Green shower.

Took the back roads to 101, traffic from there was light, I was only about 5 minutes late. Parked my cooler in the hole, went to the break room and snagged a banana, HB egg and diet Coke. It was already 76° in the room, even though it was 10 degrees cooler outside. It got up to 85 by EOD, the engineers next door opened all the doors to outside, which only helped a little since it got up to 100 on the outside wall.

I finished what I'd started last night as far as testing goes, which took till about 11, then launched the pre-release app and mostly set it to running live feeds, since that's where I'd seen the worst issues. The thing with live feeds is unless they are corporate in-house things, the source is usually unreliable. At Moto we specialized in making the unreliable feeds reliable for the consumer. I miss that.

The one I like the best, a very high quality feed despite it being atop a tower in Montana, is this Osprey nest cam. There are babies in the nest.

This afternoon a freight train went by, and they also rotated the camera a bit (it's on a motorized tilt/swivel mount).

On another unit I was watching "trending" videos and I am here to tell you that a lot of the rappers' videos are NSW.

Home, traffic was light on the back roads but too heavy to get onto 101. We can add Tesla drivers to the BMW list.

§§Delivered was a used but can't tell by looking at it Samsung Tab2 tablet, 32GB RAM, but it complained there wasn't enough space on it to copy all my apps from the 8GB TabA. It took 3 tries. Turned out the TabA didn't have enough room to run the transfer app. I thought my TabA was 8", but it's only 7", which makes it easier to hold in one hand. The Tab2 is 8" and more square, but it's also thinner and lighter.

Most of the evening after dinner was spent configuring it.

Dinner was Boston Market beef & noodles with a side of cole slaw. Ice cream for dessert. Halvah chaser.

Right after dinner I went outside (after sunset) and watered all the plants. My rose cuttings are not going to make it. Lee says wait till winter. Maybe if I put them in the fridge?

Watched the news. I am astounded that the judge found the suicider's girlfriend guilty. IMHO he was a case of Darwin. Also not surprised but disgusted that the cop who killed the motorist got set free. As for Bill Cosby, those years it was pretty common to consensually get high and screw. Jimmy Buffett wrote a song about it. I'd say there's reasonable doubt. I'd say that anyhow, considering how long she waited to file a complaint.

Interesting quote from the Warriors co-owner Peter Guber, the one who produces movies. He was asked if winning the championship was as good as winning an Oscar. He said "It's way better. Oscars are just votes, championships you win."

Plans for tomorrow:
Take some recyclables to the SMART center
Hang out at Baylands Park and read
Target - exchange a SodaStream cartridge and buy some eye drops. And maybe also some tissues.

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