Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Pretty Much As Planned, plus boredom

Took a lot of stuff to the SMART station which had been collecting on top of the office file cabinet and on the counter next to the carport door. Batteries, CFL bulbs, dead phones & ipods, Cat <5 wires, SCSI external jumpers, recalled Cuisinart blade, about a gallon of used cooking oil.

Since it was close by, Baylands park, which was breezy and about 15 degrees cooler than the rest of Svale. Not much RC action, but there was an Ultimate Frisbee scrimmage - they worked out together at halftime, looked like one team playing as two. Lots of people in the party spaces behind me waiting for the BBQ to heat up, but it was early yet.

Read more Ninefox Gambit from the new tablet. It's a little awkward to hold, it also isn't as bright. Even in the shade in that park there is a lot of ambient light.

Left at about 1 pm, Caribbean Drive which the park is on makes a left turn and becomes Mathilda, which is the fastest way to get to Target. SodaStream exchange completed, then I went looking for their generic liquid tears, 1 ounce bottles. They didn't have any in that size, not only that but the goniffs who market this stuff have added a 1/3 ounce to the 1/2 ounce choices. Like what the ice cream thieves did a few years ago. Try to find a half gallon. I dare you.

None of the 157 offerings were straight lubricant, they all had ingredients I do not want (for allergies and/or red eye). So I left with just the CO2 tank.

My next impulse was to park underground down the block and hack all the portals, but my tummy actually started hurting, in a "better go home where there's a toilet nearby" kind of way. I should have gone back to Target and used theirs, but my brain was not working.

Home, took care of the tummy issue. Played online. Played with the Fabriques, learning how to make them use Alexa to play TuneIn radio stations on all three speakers. Made a call on Alexa to Janice, but she didn't know how to answer it. I tried a message, and she texted me. We talked on the phone, and then she called me on her Alexa, and my echo dot just needed "Alexa, answer" to connect. Pretty low volume at my end, but she has the big speaker. Arranged to meet tomorrow.

Grabbed the bag of pistachios and poured some ginger ale, and sat in the recliner eating the nuts, as Spook stared at the shells as I threw them into the garbage. I threw one to her, and she walked away. Typical.

Read some more, decided to brave the high temps outside and at about 4:30 went to Specialty's and had a diet Coke and a pecan bun. And read some more. Only one example of eye candy came in, but she was worth the trip. The minion sweeping up made those tight pants look very good, but the rest of her was also tiny.

They close at 6, I bailed about 10 till, back home.

Brushed Spook, which is to say I sat on the sofa, she joined me at arm's length, and when I held out the brush she pushed her face against it. She wouldn't let me brush her back, which needs it the most, and the undercoat comb is not her friend, though it harvests a lot in every little swipe.

Dinner was Boston Market meatloaf, to which I added 5 silver dollar sized slices of sourdough topped with minced garlic. Yum. Caramel ripple Lactaid ice cream topped with magic shell. Watched an episode of Dark Matter. They continue to make it interesting. And they have toned down the violence.

The online time sheet finally recovered from weekly maintenance, so I filled it in. Last week's pay landed in my account Friday.

Plans for tomorrow:
Enjoy the air conditioning
Lowe's, need to replace a cracked hose nozzle.
CVS, look for eyedrops
Put as much stuff from behind the house as can fit into the garbage bin. Tomato trellises, stakes, netting. And so on. I have put in for the standard 35 gallon bin to replace the 65 gallon one I needed when I first moved in and had a lot of things to throw out. Haven't needed that much space since I got em ployed. They will also be giving me a green bin, into which my failed composting experiment will go. It may take two loads.
Maybe drop off the old bike rack at Goodwill, though maybe I'll hold onto it for my next car in a year.
Janice at 4 in downtown Svale

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