Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sunday, bloodless Sunday

Except in the UK, where Scotland Yard and MI-whatever continue to FAIL to stop vehicular terror.
Slept in, played with the Fabriques a bit, out and about by 10-something. Lowe's, bought a sturdier nozzle for the front carport hose, and three Venus flytraps, because lately the flying insects have been too big for the gnat-catcher plants. Again, there were long lines and too few cashiers, but at least there were cashiers, though there was also the asshat at the front of the line who had to argue about the price of something. And the cashiers were not finding a manager to take this off-line.

On to CVS, where they had every form of eye drop in the known universe, and for each brand name there was a corresponding CVS generic. I found my favorite in 1-oz size and bought three. I wanted to also stock up on chocolates, but (a) they were not on sale and (b)it was starting to get warm.

Next stop was home, where I tried out the nozzle, lots of my flowers were wilting, set the fly traps in strategic places in the kitchen, put away the eye drops, setting one aside for work, along with a cube of tissues and a can of WD-40.

Home, set the aircon from 78 to 76, went online for a bit, tried a few more TuneIn stations on the Fabriques.

3 pm, headed for downtown Svale, parked underground, hacked a few portals on my way to Starbucks. Janice arrived a little after 4, as planned, and we had a good chat to cover the last 2 weeks. She put up with my 5 minute rant about why I didn't like Wonder Woman. She insists Wonder Woman's eyes are brown in the comics.


But I had to wait till I got home to look that up...

Did the full Ingress walk on the way back to the car, about a mile out of my way. Two of the portals are at the train station, and they announced that the SF-bound 6:15 was arriving, so I stuck around to see whatever eye candy got off the train. Hot day, I figured on some shorts, sun dresses, etc. The train was not arriving - it was 10 minutes late, and only one person got off. A guy. That was a surprise. Usually that train dumps a small crowd.

Home, did the garbage thing, watered all the plants, chatted with Lee, who came over soon after with a bag of apricots and one with a couple of plums and one of the fruits she is growing on her carport webbing.

Dinner was a cold plate, ice cream for dessert, while watching a Graham Norton episode.

Yesterday on a whim I made root beer (diet) from SodaStream syrup which hasn't been used in a while. I used to love root beer because A&W sold it in brown tinted gallon jugs which were perfect, after the root beer was consumed, for mixing and storing darkroom chemicals. I prefer cola nowadays. But this is root beer float weather, so I've just had one. Forgot how messy they are. Root beer foams a lot when it meets ice cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on whether or not the aircon is switched on. And whether or not one of our app partners has given me access to one of our hardware partners' projects. If the latter is yes, I can take my gear to the break room and run the automated tests. If the former is yes, the latter doesn't matter, I can continue testing the pre-release app.
Maybe see a movie?

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