Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Hugo Novels

I've read enough to rank my choices:
1. Yoon Ha Lee - Ninefox Gambit - bogs down a wee bit at the end, but for Reasons™. I could have used a companion workbook. :-)
2. Cixin Liu - Death's End - a distant second place, it just keeps on going, but unlike the Eveready bunny, well past when its batteries have died.
3. Ada Palmer - Too Like the Lightning - I may change this to 0. It's set in the future, but it's a future based on magic. Also the writing style is a slog for me. YMMV.
4. No Award
0. Charlie Jane Anders - All the Birds in the Sky - not science-fiction, pure fantasy
0. Becky Chambers - A Closed and Common Orbit - every page watermarked, making the copy unreadable.
0. N K Jemisin  - The Obelisk Gate - Can't judge a movie award by a trailer, can't judge a book award by an excerpt
In other Worldcon news, I don't remember if I posted this here. I will be on a panel in Helsinki, early in the con, so probably not a big audience, but like minds:
Science Fiction and Fantasy in musical theatre
Thursday 16:00 - 17:00, 103 (Messukeskus)
Wicked, Into the Woods, Rocky Horror, Little Shop of Horrors - fantasy and science fiction have long been represented in the musical theatre. The panelists discuss their favorites and also perhaps some not-so successful SF musicals.
Emily January (M), Sari Polvinen, Ada Palmer (whose novel I just panned), Greg Machlin, Sami Mustala, howeird

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