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Cooler today, but still too hot

Up and out early, while I was grabbing my usual breakfast from the break room, the annual Google Scholars Retreat (GSR) was taking theirs from a separate buffet table across the hall. These are kids who were awarded scholarships in tech, and if I was the GSR head I'd be ashamed to have put them in an off-campus lecture hall. If I was one of the scholarship recipients I'd be insulted.
In the hole, no aircon, so I got out the vice grips (I forgot the WD-40 - and my eye drops - on the laundry room counter) and released the locking pin on window #3. #2 I'd done weeks ago, and #1 I discovered was already done. So three windows facing Charleston Rd were open, and so was my door. And I relocated the fan to hit me in the face. Oddly, while it only got up to 82° on the outside sensor, it was > 85 inside.

The Google Home test lead came over to ask about it, we added her name to the facilities request. Dead silence from those guys.

One of my Facebook friends from theater recommended a movie on Netflix, so I used that for today's testing. Queen of Katwe. It is about a young girl from the slums of Uganda who becomes a chess prodigy. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Everything about it is superb, right down to the closing credits. Gorgeous cinematography & lighting. Spot on directing, extraordinary acting all the way down the line. Costumes are from real life, the extras probably wore their own.  Very well written, the whole range of emotions, and a message of hope against all odds, even when you don't win them all. Especially then. Based on a true story, at the end of the movie, the real life person joins the actor/actress playing that role. It's clear they all built a special relationship.
Boss canceled our sync again. I'd actually forgotten about it.

Lunch was fried chicken legs and cookies. The scholars were fed in the lecture hall. Long folding tables, it looked really cheap. There wasn't a lot of diversity, most of the women were Asian, which isn't an endangered species in tech, or white.

Finished Ninefox Gambit, which I really liked a lot, and started in on the last Hugo nominated novel, Too Like the Lightning. It starts by saying it is set in the 25th Century, and there is a page and a half of notices from censorship boards (the European one is kind if clever), and its ratings on the multi-level rating system which might be a logical extension of what we have now. But I'm having trouble with the actual writing style, and from the first chapter I'm not sure if we're talking sci-fi or magic. As I posted earlier, at the moment it's #3 on my list, but the jury is still out.

Break time there were little sandwiches set up on the counter for the scholars, but they were elsewhere. I stuck around for 20 minutes, but they didn't show up.

Back to the hole, done with Netflix, switched to the pre-release app, which failed early and often in the same way I'd seen before, so no sense recording logs or filing bugs.

5:25, started closing windows, and was on the road by 5:31.

Did not go to the movies, because the only one I was marginally interested in was Pirates of the Caribbean 27. They jumped the shark 3 sequels ago.

Traffic was not so bad, except for 101, so I stayed on the frontage road which was pretty light. Only had to wait a minute or so at the IFH. No call today from AG. Probably will hear from him tomorrow.

Delivered was the smaller garbage bin, and the green garden waste bin. Sometime around next Sunday I'll shovel the contents of the second compost bin into it. I don't think it will hold the contents of both. The bins will need to find another home when they are empty. They fold down to the size of a garbage can lid. They don't work for me, the back retaining wall is too raked. It's about 2 feet higher at the back than the front, and those bins need to be level. I may shift some bricks from the other side of the house and make a higher wall, maybe. But not in this heat. And not for compost bins.

In the park tube was a flyer from the Sunnyvale Mobile Home Action organization, which I'd expected to see a week ago. I sent email with some comments, and said it's okay to put me on their email list.

Watered all the gardens. Lee was trying to chat with me about something, but I sometimes don't understand what she is saying. A guy about my age on a bicycle stopped to ask me if my house was having bug infestations. I told him about carnivorous plants, but he meant ants, so I showed him what I've been using. Borax, basically. But he said that didn't work for him.

Dinner was Banquet spaghetti & meatballs. It's a lunch sized portion in a dinner sized package. Their containers warp in the microwave. Halvah for dessert, watched the 6 pm news, and a little of the bachelorette. She's very pretty. And over-accessorized.

I've had enough of ABC's local news, they really suck - they feel compelled to tell us how they feel about each story, instead of just telling us the news. I'll try channel 2. That's not as solid a signal, and even though it's a Fox station, it is broadcast from Oakland, has an ethnic cast with no Fox News overtones.

Ordered soda can lids, since I keep drinking about half a can at lunch, and often want to bring half a can home in the cooler, but it always spills.

Plans for tomorrow:
Not work

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