Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another warm day in paradise

Up just after the alarm, feeling like I could use another night's sleep. Turned on Irish Pub Radio on the chained speakers, the bedroom one works well carried into the bathroom/shower. I sit it on top of the shower's radio.

Spook apparently has been hiding under my bed. That's new-ish.

Called AG, got his voicemail, he called back just as I was approaching my exit, but I was early so chatted while parked in the lot. He has a phone interview with Apple on Friday.

There was a bit of a crowd in the break room, had to navigate to the bananas & cokes, and forgot all about the egg. There are Kind bars, but not a flavor I like.

The hole stayed above 76F all day, got up to 84 eventually. But the fan and the open windows help.

Lunch was crowded too, I had to sit in one of the comfortable seats. Not as good a view. Lean Cuisine (?) Thai ginger beef. Yummy. Cookies for dessert. Rushed a little, in case Boss kept her appointment with me.

And she did. And she brought along the manager for the European/Australian STBs. Apparently one of the manufacturers will be making their own rules for some of the things which Android TV used to tightly control. So I'll be getting some specs, and we'll be working out appropriate tests.

Boss says if it gets to 85F I need to come into the official office. It may happen tomorrow afternoon. Which is okay since there's a TGIF (at Google F stands for Thursday) right out front of the main complex.

Break time I made an egg cream. Yum. And there was above-average eye candy, but it was all takeaway.

Boss had managed to get a TV set for me to test from next door, to replace one in my room which is seriously broken. I got farther with it, but it didn't like the update files on the USB drive. I'll try one more thing tomorrow, before sending email to that manager, who is in London.

Straight home, very pissed off at Ford because the car chose the worst spare the air day to refuse to work on battery. I'm going to file a complaint.

Spook is both very vocal and doing a lot of rolling over in my path, for no apparent reason. She won't play, she moves away if I try to pet her, she won't let me pick her up. Maybe I should throw her in the shower and turn on the cold water.

Delivered was a 12-pack of tissues, and a 6-pack of what I thought were soda can caps, but they turned out to be bottle caps. Looked on Amazon and yes, I had ordered the wrong thing. :-(

Got a "tuit" urge. A long-planned project which I thought the technology was ready for. Scan all my letters home from Thailand and run them through OCR software so they could be made into a publishable book. The first one is handwritten, and my 2013 software can't make any sense of it. It did better with the next one, which is typed. But it was far from perfect, and so was my typing. Reading them, it is clear that what I remember of those years is out of chronological order, and I'm a little bit miffed because there was almost a month between the first two letters, so I missed telling about language training. Or maybe I did later, the second letter is halfway through, when we had a break at a boy scout camp. Maybe I should just read them into dictation software. I think I have Dragon around here somewhere.

Watched the news while dining on MC roasted chicken. I changed from ABC to Fox last night, but the signal sucked so today it was NBC. Good signal, much more professional newscast. Unfortunately it means they send people out to "news" sites which could be covered just as well from a desk. That report on the Golden Gate Bridge re-configuring for the SF marathon did not need that poor reporter standing on the sidewalk past the toll booths, competing with rush hour traffic noise when nothing she is doing there illustrates the story. And then there is the guy who was sent to a neighborhood where some crime took place in the morning, but it was all off limits so there weren't even any police cars in sight.

But at least they refrain from telling us how we should feel.

Still hungry, had a plumcot from Lee and some halvah. Tried some fruit from her carport vine, and it's yummy, but think pomegranate with teeny tiny seeds.

Watered the plants. I think I'm losing 3 of the new ones. It smells like radiator fluid evaporating - the ground is so hot.

Plans for tomorrow:

Start out in the hole. try one more time to update that TV. Probably go to the big building after lunch.

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