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Surprise Microclimate WIN

Slept sporadically. Before getting into bed I kicked the quilt off, and the BnB with it. At about 5 am I woke up not being able to see very well, kind of a spectacular optical migraine or something like it. It was like there was a barrier between my eyes and the world. I've had this before, it's a new-ish symptom of low blood sugar. And yes, Hgl was 63.  Klondike bar and time in the recliner helped. Almost ate another or had some Lactaid ice cream, but knew that would raise my Hgl too high. Awkward timing, I needed sleep to be able to function well enough to drive to work, and < 2 hours till alarm time.

I decided to start out half an hour late. Back roads traffic was heavy, exacerbated by yet more road-blocking work on the sidewalks of new buildings going up, and two HUGE Google buildings opening along the short cut route. It will only get worse. At least by the time I got on 101 it was moving well, after 9 am the commuter lane opens to all, which takes some pressure off the entry lane. But there were many more than usual idiots not paying attention to the exit-only indicators.

Got to work at 9:15, and as I walked to the break room I was surprised to hear the hole's aircon unit fired up, and there was a repair truck in the parking lot. Coming back from the break room, the tech was also coming back - I'm guessing he had to find a building with a security guard to let him in to use the facilities. The hole door was locked, and there were no security people at the break room building, no more events today.

My room was actually being cooled - a vent which the previous tech said was inoperable was letting in some cold air.

By the end of the day it was 90 outside and 77 inside. That was with keeping my door closed. Tomorrow I'll keep it open because the rest of the building was at about 72.

Very quiet day. I read the docs which I was told about yesterday, but they don't shed enough light to write tests from. The appendix looks a lot like one I saw at Netflix when I worked there, showing possible new looks for the GUI.

Couldn't get the not-broken TV to update, and no reply from the guy in Europe who sent me the files. I may have emailed him too late. Maybe I'll hear tomorrow. So I punted and put new firmware on another box which was almost due for its weekly test, and ran the test.

Lunch was turkey tetrazini and cookies. It was pretty quiet, only two other people sitting, and maybe four drive-bys.

Break time I made an egg cream, and took back a glass of ice to pour my coke into.

Got a voicemail notification. No missed call indicator, phone did not ring even though I get 3 bars of signal. It was youngest sister, whose birthday was the 19th, returning my call and putting off doing her homework. We talked for about 90 minutes.

Stayed till almost 6, and made the same mistake I did last time of taking Charleston north to get to the Great Clips on Charleston & Middlefield. I forgot that Charleston ends at a frontage road, and going north takes me to San Antonio, and that intersection is insane, moreso because people were exiting the freeway to get to Shoreline (where I was coming from). Only a couple of cars could make it through at each green light, things were backed up in all directions. It took me more than half an hour. Next time I'll take Shoreline to Middlefield. And luck of the draw, I got the one male barber. He told me his Mom was Thai, and he spoke a little, but he didn't have a clue when I asked him in Thai if he spoke Thai. He's Vietnamese.

Walked through Piazza's on the other end of the plaza, looking for sheep milk cheese, but they had none. They had some goat brie, but it's not as good. IMHO. I did pick up a package of frozen matzo balls, and some muenster was on sale. They had my favorite Scharffenberger chocolate on sale half price, but there was only one bar left. I also got some other brands.

Put the chocolate & cheese in the lunch cooler and drove home. Ran out of battery about a mile from the house. Kind of expected to run out sooner.

Gnats are back. Maybe this weekend I'll drive over the HMB and get more sundews/butterworts. The ones I have are mostly dying. I tried spraying some Raid, but these guys ignore it. Considering the weather, HMB is not a good idea for this weekend.

Dinner was 4 white castle sliders, cole slaw and pickle chips. Ice cream topped by chocolate pudding for dessert.

Watched the news on NBC, way too much about the weather. At least they aren't doing the "drink lots of water" reminders like the other stations. But they did downplay the fact that the temps in my area are down from Monday, and will stay that way. Concentrate on the areas breaking records. Weather sensationalism.

They had too much national health care bill coverage, but they tied it in with local protests. And they showed a clip of Nancy Pelosi being an idiot/diva. She really needs to be replaced by someone with a personality. She was praising SF as if it was Her City™, but she originally represented the counties north of SF, where the rich kids live. I see she has moved to the city. Diva.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe see the show at The Pear.


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