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Aw, shoot!

Got up around 9, had some stuff to do online till 11, then to Home Despot ISO a bug zapper, the gnats being a major problem and this not being a good weekend to drive to HMB to buy sundews and butterworts. After a lot of looking, finally found them, all three on the shelf (bottom shelf) had been severely crushed by something - the boxes were broken open and the pressed cardboard forms meant to protect the item didn't. Instead I bought a pair of no-pest strips. Hung those in the kitchen and now 8 hours later there doesn't seem to be any difference.

Lowe's on the way home, they only had the giant zappers, backyard size. Home, put a charged battery in the camera.

Off to the photo shoot. 1 pm, the model was a few minutes late and so were two of the photogs. This was a three-stage shoot, the model started out in an off-white dress with matching undies, but since the dress wasn't very translucent it was hard to tell. The host had lit a mock-up windowed door, with a white translucent curtain, to do silhouettes. Not my kind of photography, I may have gotten one or two pix worth posting.

Next up was a bedroom scene and the model wore a neon pink bikini, a pretty modest one. It mostly showed she is not in bikini shape. The bed made noises like a rubber raft when she moved around on it. Not her fault. But her thick fake eyelashes were, made it impossible to see her eyes.

Final outfit was nude with an elaborate gold multi-string necklace which was almost shoulder to shoulder and came down almost to her waist. Part of this is she is tiny, maybe 4'10". By popular demand she took off the eyelashes.

Not a very good shoot for me, she didn't understand anyone's directions and was not good at coming up with her own poses. For such a tiny person she had a fat ass. And the hysterectomy scar didn't help. There were only 4 of us shooting plus the host, so we got a lot of 3- and 2-minute rounds. Toward the end I found myself running out of The Will To Shoot before I ran out of time.

Next stop, the Auto Zone, bought replacement windshield wipers. They didn't have any listing for the rear one. I'll order one from a dealership, maybe.

Home, did the magic trick to raise the wipers out of the well they reside in and struggled to remove the first one, but struggled a lot more to figure out how to remove the default clip from the replacement and snap on the right one. It took a lot more brute strength than I was comfortable using on plastic. After figuring out the first one, the second came easily. Vast improvement, new blades.

Inside, noticed my Tevas were wearing holes in my feet. I've had them a long long time. Bought them at REI when I was working for MSFT in MV, which would be about  11 years ago. Just ordered replacements online, but a slightly different model since they didn't have this one in my size.

At the shoot I was in the restroom a couple of times, so once home I figured those matzo balls and some chicken bullion would help settle things down. Ate two sets of 4. Between the electric kettle and the microwave, it was quick.

Pondering dessert, it occurred to me I was almost out of Lactaid ice cream and down to my last lactose-free container of milk. And I could use more frozen dinners.

Off to Lucky's, got milk, added three kinds of cookies, marjoram (for that poultry seasoning mix if I ever use it again), Boston Market dinners were on sale, as were Stouffer's lunches. Splurged on cole slaw. I cannot believe that stuff is $4 for a 2-serving container. It costs about the same to make my own.

The store was very quiet, and the only cashier made me wait for about 5 minutes without even looking at me as she chattily cashed a paycheck for another cashier, or at least that's what it looked like.

Home, put everything away. Spook cried for treats. She bangs her head against the treat jar. Idiot.

I have KCEA (40's music) on the Fabrique speakers, and they are playing something we played in jazz band in high school, but I can't remember the name. It's a rag. This one is in Dixieland style, very well done. There's no vocal, but if there was the refrain would start "And it's  one, two, three, what are we fighting for?"
Hold that thought, I think that's enough to find it on the web.
I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag


But wait, Country Joe didn't come out with that until 1967, my last full year of high school, so there's no way we had a jazz band arrangement of it yet. A little digging shows the tune is:
The Muskrat Ramble written by Kid Ory in 1926. It was first recorded on February 26, 1926, by Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five, and became the group's most frequently recorded piece. Ory's heirs tried to sue Country Joe for copyright violation, but it was thrown out of court because they had waited 20 years after they knew the tune had been stolen. Here's a 1958 recording, you be the judge.

Watched some of the nightly news, lots of pride parade stuff, and some summer of love stuff. 
After 25 years, it's time to give it a rest. All it does now is make the haters hate. I don't give a rat's ass who you boink, or what you "identify as". It's nothing to be proud of.

On to CBS All Access and The Good Fight, season 1 episode 2. I am not thrilled with this kind of show, and this one is seriously devoid of charisma, though I love the job Cush Jumbo is doing as Lucca. She also has the best lines/scenes. Rose Leslie as the young new lawyer is a wimp, totally unconvincing (I have known several young women lawyers, they would be ashamed of her).  Delroy Lindo as the overbearing Adrian only has one volume - 11. Of course this could be the way the script is written and directed, in which case boo to the writers/director. And Bernadette Peters? Give me a break. At least they haven't let her sing. Yet. Sarah Steele has been given the role of the amazingly aggressive law partner's assistant, and in this case the writing is brilliant but the actress isn't.

I have root beer. I have ice cream. So I just had a root beer float. That was dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Fill the green bin with the contents of the 2nd compost bin. Mostly Bee's Friend gone to seed vines.
Coffee with Janice, and then we'll check out the new Safeway next door.

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