Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Better Monday Than Most

Late last week I filed a bug at Boss' request when one of the streaming media boxes created a light show on the TV set instead of playing a new format of video on the pre-release app. Today she asked me to check what it did on one of the boxes from overseas. I had two from diverse places, the app crashed on both of them. So another bug to another manufacturer. I love breaking things, because it means it'll be fixed before the customer sees it in her livingroom. Boss is adamant about having these things fixed before the app is approved, which is one reason I like her.

And we're back to square one with the aircon - it was 80 in my room today because the air conditioner never turned on. Someone stole the outdoor sensor - probably a landscaper who didn't know what it was. But I'm guessing it wasn't that warm outside today.

The day's visitors in the break room building were kept in the lecture hall, playing on the floor with engineers. Grade school STEM girls' summer camp. I think it's just for the day. The signage was crudely done by hand on a sandwich board. Once again, a company known for its graphic artists FAILs on a daily basis. They had T-shirts, but it was all text.

Lunch was Thai ginger beef. All morning my blood sugar was low. Glad I brought cookies.

No break, too busy troubleshooting - Boss came over at about 2:30 and gave me yet another unit to crash the pre-release app. Very pretty box & remote, but slow as molasses.

Did some buyer's regret research and discovered was reminded that Windows 10 has built-in voice recognition software. Home, tried it, but it could barely detect my mic, and missed most of what I dictated. So back to Dragon. Dictated 3 more letters before dinner. Boston Market meat loaf, ice cream. Watched the news, way too much national news on the local half hour. And the local news included some stupid 4th of July fireworks safety warnings. Too soon.

One of the letters was to my Dad, who was living on an ice island 200 miles from the North Pole. He was the data manager for AIDJEX, an international arctic meteorological survey, and had to spend a month each year "on the ice" making sure all the various equipment could feed data in formats his computers at the University of Washington could handle. The data he filed is still available online.

Had two loads of laundry to put away, Spook helped a little. Then unloaded the dryer for the third load but that can wait.

And two more letters dictated. Total is 12 now.

Delivered was the CD for Toxic Avengers - The Musical.  It's one of the examples of sci-fi in musicals for the panel I'll be on at Worldcon. It's playing in San Jose, I hope to see it this weekend. It has one thing in common with Howard the Duck and Who Killed Roger Rabbit - homely hero has a drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend.

In the mail the other day was a notice from Social Security that they are implementing my request to withhold taxes from my "entitlement". 15%, starting this month. The math told me I probably will still owe them. I'm well past the combined income limit where they include 85% of my SS as earned income. Bastards.

Email from the company I ordered paw paw trees from a week ago, they will ship them tomorrow. Seems longer. Amazon Prime has spoiled me.

Plans for tomorrow:
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