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Last Minute Salvation from Boredom

Up early, then the next thing I knew I was waking up again to the alarm.

Making a PNB&J sandwich for lunch made me almost late, but traffic was okay and I got to work on time. One of the bugs I filed is stirring up all kinds of trouble far and wide.

Played a lot of YouTube clips, my favorite Thai cooking show hostess had a great one - she was in Bangkok for a food professionals trade show, and ate all the samples. It was fun to see her flip between English (for the video) and Thai (to ask things of the sample handlers). Someone came up with a way to put a soft drink pull-tab onto a coconut. There were a lot of wild rice products and breakfast-in-a-cup things.

Lunch was quiet - but there were three examples of eye candy. One looked like she was fresh from a Nirvana concert. There were no tourists or STEM children.

"Had" to get a second opinion by playing a movie on the same box (movies and pre-release app use different video and audio formats), and what came up was Passengers. The trailers were very misleading, on account of spoilers. I'm about halfway through, I think. It's mostly boring. But where it's not boring it's amazingly good.
There was no air conditioning once again, so I escalated the work order which had been closed last week. They had it working, but not really because it didn't track with the inside temperature, it was just on full force all day.

At about 4:00 Boss asked me to install a special in-house pre-pre-release of the pre-realease app and test it on a box it crashed the pre-release on yesterday. It crashed even faster. On three different manufacturers' boxes it fails at the same place in different ways. Which hints that maybe the spec is wrong. But who knows?

After I added the documentation to the bug report, my calendar app reminded me that today was manicure day. After work I headed back to the one next to Safeway, and opted for the mani-pedi combo. I have only had a pedicure once before, and my feet were way too ticklish. And my toes are ugly anyway. I opted for it this time because my toe nails have gotten crushed and bent and beaten up by shoes, and have stayed that way despite wearing sandals for the last month. The women there said they could make them less ugly.

The most experienced staffer took on the task, she worked very hard on them, and there is some improvement, but they are still creased and bruised-looking. As she was doing my toes, the prettiest young woman in the place came over and started on my fingers. After the feet were finished, pretty one had me sit at her station to finish the fingers. She said yes, they have silver in the UV-cured kind of top coat I use, maybe next time. I showed her a photo from the shoot as an example:

Home, beef pot pie for dinner after entering two more letters. June 26, 1975. It sounded like my Dad had completed his MBA (he had a masters in Econ in 1972) but I thought he gave up on the degree because of all the red tape. At any rate, it appears he went to graduation but sat in the bleachers.

Read an article at work on BBC.com, about OCD in dogs, and how it may shed light on OCD in people. But in dogs it's called CCD, Canine Compulsive Disease. Because in psych methodology, one cannot be considered obsessive unless one can be interviewed about it. They need to know why you are chasing your tail, and if, despite medication and cessation of tail-chasing, you still feel the urge to chase your tail. The urge is the obsessive part.  I figure I am very compulsive and impulsive, but not too obsessive. The letter project is an example. I am compelled to continue, but I can walk away from it, and when the project is done I can move on.

Delivered today was a 3-pack of blood sugar test strips, and the new pair of Tevas, which are only slightly different from the old pair, and a better fit.

Plans for tomorrow:
More dictation

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