Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Coolness at Work, More Letters and Home

Got a very late start, missed AG's call, was not at work till 9:20.

Our Europe manager had added a note to a bug against a domestic unit's issues with the pre-release app, asking me to test his products. I had, and had filed a bug last week. He was in transit, so I don't blame him for missing it.

Boss also missed my update, it was her bug, but she hadn't added herself to the cc list.

Busy over at the break room, Howard West students were in the lecture hall which the STEM kiddies had been in, also on the floor. Some came into the break room to use it as a conference room. There were also interns.

After "yelling" via email at the facilities guy who closed the ticket for our aircon issues, his boss showed up with a pair of technicians, determined to actually fix the problems. Problems they have known about for a long time. ETA is 2 days. I won't bore you with the details, except that I started by pointing out that despite a cool overnight and morning, it was 75° in the building at 10 am. Tech said they had disconnected the widget which basically acts as a heat exchanger. That was re-connected quickly.

Finished watching Pasengers. Glad I didn't pay to see it in theater, but also glad I got to see it. The final scene should have had more people in it, considering the lack of evidence of birth control earlier in the movie.

Lunch was tuna noodle casserole, which exploded a bit in the microwave. I hate when that happens. Cookies for dessert. It was crowded, I went half an hour early to be back by sync time. There was a particularly stunning employee, very tall, black, hourglass figure in hip hugger jeans and a dark green ribbed stretch top. And a waif-like redhead. And an attractive blonde in the corner knitting while on a laptop conference call.   

Three minutes before sync, Boss messages to ask to postpone till tomorrow, because she and China partner manager have to be near the hole tomorrow for a charity thing. OK.

Since I was there late, I stayed till 6, and then had to close up - the last HVAC technician left all the doors open and the lights on. I left the front door unlocked because I know when they return at 6 am Security won't be there with a key.

Home, traffic on 101 was slow but back roads were okay.

Typed in two letters, one was a handwritten aerogramme and the other a 3-page typed epic.

Dinner was falafel, hummus and mixed veggies. Turnover a la mode for dessert.

Typed in two more letters. I still have laundry to put away...

One of the letters described a memorable weekend trip which I don't remember taking. Bangkok south to the beach Hua Hin, then across the country to Kanchanaburi, and back by way of Thonburi, river taxi to Bangkok and bus home.

And there was a lot of me being cynical about Seattle politics.

Delivered: Atorvastatin.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work/Sync (Boss said she would bring a new non-Android TV for me to use with the various STBs)
Home - paw paw trees are due to be delivered

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