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Busy as a Bee Ver

Slept soundly until I am awakened by very loud purring in my ear. 6:08 am. Spook is sitting up about a foot from my face, wanting to get her head petted. I gave in for a minute, then back to sleep. Almost missed the alarm at 7:30. Managed to be at work 5 minutes early.

The HVAC guys are fixing all the things. I have a real thermostat in my room now. In theory it will actually control the one vent. They may possibly add a vent. The fellow in charge of fixing the big fan unit outside is miffed because the previous repair people put dye in the system to find the leak, and just left without fixing anything or cleaning out the dye. He has found 4 leaks, and there may be more.

Unrelated, I think, a couple of building auditors from Corporate came by, and one of them informed me that we have Monday off. 4-day weekend. Crap. That's two more days without $$, and too late to make any plans to go anywhere. Not that I can afford to.

Lunch was chicken a la king, with a cherry turnover. I went half an hour early, because Boss was coming with a new TV set for me, at 1:30.

Which she did, helped by another manager, then they scooted next door to take part in a charity thing. I was running a test on my one stand-alone Android TV, when that was cranking I unboxed the new TV and attached the stand. I'll put it in place tomorrow.

Break time was a huge invasion of the charity kiddies. Turned out to be 2 counties' worth of foster kids. I made a slightly fizzy glass of chocolate milk and sat off to the side. Boss managed to not see me, somehow. Some of the employee volunteers were very attractive. Probably still are.

Back to the hole, updated another unit and ran its weekly test. Looked at Amtrak and Priceline and such, wanted to head for N. Lake Tahoe but there doesn't seem to be any public transportation there. I thought about SLO, and renting a car to get to Morro Bay and whale watch. But then I thought maybe I ought to take advantage of the time to get those letters dictated.

Home, many deliveries. Metformin in the mailbox - I had tried to check last night on kp.org to see if I had remembered to re-order, but the pharmacy DB was down. Litterbox cartridges were in the same way-too-big box on the carport steps with a newer, more compact indoor-outdoor thermometer for work. This time I'll duct tape the sensor to the wall.  On the porch was a box with two items - a headset and a separate USB mic. And then UPS came again with the paw paw trees.

I left those and the big box so I could set up the headset and dictate a letter. After a reboot, Dragon loved the headset, it is much more accurate than what I had been using. This letter told about a lunch with a bunch of other volunteers at the Army officer's cafeteria, which I remember. What I did not remember was one woman who was in a previous group who hung around and chatted with me for a couple of hours, and we made plans for me to visit her at her site up-country. I included her name because she said she was from Seattle "sort of", and I asked the family if it sounded familiar. I remember that name very well, I think. All will be revealed, possibly, in my last few letters home, because I think this is the woman I had a HUGE crush on, who had signed up to extend her service for another year, in my town in Southern Thailand, but then had a change of heart and instead stayed in the US to marry her fiancé. "Stayed" because PC policy was a free ride home between extensions. And I thought she had already extended once, from up-country to Bangkok.

I looked her up online, and found someone on FB and LinkedIn who fit the bill, but there's nothing about Peace Corps in her bio, so maybe just a coincidence that she graduated from Michigan two years before I was in PC, but has lived in Seattle for 20 years. There isn't much about her on FB, and nothing earlier than 20 years ago on LI. I think the head of Friends of Thailand may know.

That letter was 4 typed pages, I put the PC to sleep halfway through proofing it.

Because the paw paw saplings were not in 5-quart containers as I thought the description said. They were on shrink-wrapped plastic around about a quart of what I'm guessing is soil. So I drove to Lowe's and bought three big pots, some pearlite and vermiculite (because paw paws like well drained soil) and a couple of bags of potting soil. Of course as soon as I got to the register, the only open one was having a melt-down because a customer's member number wasn't showing up on the system, so they couldn't give him the member discount. Three managers and a clerk were still scratching their heads when the closed register next to that said she would check me out. As soon as she was done with me she fled.

Home, divided the pearlite and vermiculite evenly between the 3 pots, added 5 trowels of soil each and will leave the rest till tomorrow.

Dinner was Boston market turkey bits & mashed & veggies. Halvah for dessert, at the computer desk.

Finished the proofing, entered one more letter. Late August 1975, and I'm probably moving from my slum flat way on the edge of town to my slum house on the canal off of the main drag near work. And I'm puzzled because I thought I had moved to a shared house on Soi Asoke first. But probably not, because I took my girlfriend to that house, and I'd met her while living by the canal, which was down the block from the bar she worked in. I think.

Plans for tomorrow:
- compile the test results
- set up the new TV and see if it does HDR or just normal 4K
-Probably sync with Boss, but maybe not, considering the 4-day weekend.

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