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Mister Eclectic

Cool-down Came At The Best Time

I'm less concerned these days with getting on the road early. Today I left at 8:45 and was at work in 12 minutes. AG called as I was about to call him. He said he was less nervous about his phone interview with Apple than he was last week. He is more interested now in changing jobs. His new boss is a micro manager, all his co-workers are from India, and he figures anywhere he moves to will be more diverse. It's 18-month itch. When I was his age I got it all the time.  He will do well wherever he lands. He haz skilz.

Three vanloads of HVAC techs spent the day at the Hole, but they were mostly upstairs. There was the smell of some kind of gas which was familiar, but I couldn't identify it. Freon, maybe. I know they carted gas cannisters upstairs to blow out/recharge the system. They told me they would be done by Monday.

Monday is not a work day, neither is Tuesday. It's supposed to be summer again by Wednesday.

No formal testing to do today, so I set up the new TV set and a STB and played Netflix HDR movies. The TV has true HDR support, easy to see because reds are bright and brassy, and browns have a brass tint, much sharper than sepia. And indoor scenes have more contrast, makes scenes easier to see. Marco Polo uses HDR the best so far. Iron Fist is a not very close second, and Cosmos Laundromat has tweaked the colors way too much. Frank the suicidal sheep has one green eye and one blue eye, something I didn't notice in straight 4K or on a TV which did not support HDR's color palette.

Boss never showed up. But at 5:15 she published her official report on that pre-release app, citing the three bugs I filed. It sounds like the trip to meet the programmers is no longer in the cards.

Tall engineer emailed me that a network adapter had arrived, and could I please use it to test his prototype board. I replied that the test doesn't use that adapter, the issue is at the partner's database - I'm locked out of it. He followed up with the partner, but it doesn't look like anyone who can fix it was listening. Maybe next month.

Lunch was quiet today. No eye candy. Two corn dogs, some baby carrots and hummus. Turnover. Grapes.

Break time was also quiet, tried for a mocha but once again there was no cocoa in the machine. Grrr.

Ran into the lead tester for the games project on my way back into the hole, she was happy to hear progress on aircon is being made. She was moving more gear in. Weird, because they had moved out a couple of months ago. New location probably sucked for testing.

Set up the newer/simpler thermometer, placed the sensor outside between the screen and the window nearest where I sit. I ought to tape it in place, but it's fine for now. Landscapers won't mistake it for trash on the ground.

Home. Traffic was light, took 101 from Ellis. I could have taken it all the way, except the Shoreline interchange is nasty.

Decided to do the paw paw plants tomorrow and dictate letters tonight. Some of them were in the wrong envelopes, though the correct date was hand written on front of each envelope. Missed a couple of words where aerogrammes had been clumsily opened and torn. One was a radio or TV station which had gone out of business. I don't remember which one.

I'm up to early November 1975. There is a lot of talk in them about US and Seattle politics, and a lot of explanations of Thai politics which may not be completely accurate. And lots of making fun of my middle sister.

Dinner was Boston Market roast beef, ice cream & turnover dessert while watching the 6 o'clock news, a lot I fast forwarded because it was national news, and fluff. The regular crew is back from vacation and they are far less professional than the backups. The woman, especially, keeps telling me how I should feel about a news item.

More letters done.

From the local newspaper accounts, everyone is gunning for Ford. Ford has Nixon’s great Shield – a VP who is even worse than he is. Maybe nobody really believes Rocky is VP – and so no one realizes he’s the one to get first.

At work I pondered taking a trip, this time north to Klamath Falls, but the train ride is all in darkness, arrives there at 8 am and the return is around 8 pm.

Plans for tomorrow:
Plant the paw paws, and set them up in front of the shed
Dictate more letters
Maybe go to Baylands Park and read

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