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Better Latent Than Never

as we say in the darkroom.

Starting this later than usual because CD, which is OCD without the Obsessive part. I spent most of the day entering those letters from Thailand, with occasional breaks for food, chores and just to take a break. At about 3 I took a nap, and Spook joined me.

While the sun was still behind the house I camped out on the front porch with a soda and popcorn. Lunch was the well-marinated beef slices wokked with that oily biryani rice aka Kao Mok. I used some tricks to de-oil it somewhat, but was only partially successful. The beef was superb, though. A week in white wine, oregano, garlic and meat tenderizer will do that.

While it was too hot I put all the bee's friend remnants from the #1 compost bin into the green recycle bin, decided that was enough stupid, and set the bin in front of the shed to receive other donations later.

Before sunset, I cut back the huge salvia plant, and put those bits into the bin, and rolled it out the the curb. I had a chat with across-the-street neighbor Marge, who said one of our neighbors accused her of spreading something in the street which caused his side of the street to all have ant and flea infestations. She says he thinks he wakes up with his face covered in ants. I've read somewhere that this last one is a common paranoia. But her dragging anything across the street it ridiculous - she's 86, tiny, and has been under a nurse's care most of last month.

Back to my side of the street, I dumped the non-rooting salvia and rose cuttings into the bin, and pulled out from the front garden a few hanks of dead poppy plants, and binned them.

And watered all around.

Compost bin #1 had a few inches of actual compost at the bottom, which I spread out on the retaining wall, and watered down. I should add some bricks at the front to keep it in place, and use it as a container garden. Or not.

Took out the recyles, and the garbage, and cut up the many cardboard boxes from the week's deliveries, taped them into a bundle, and set them beside the recycle bin.

Back to the letters, and suddenly, after mostly handwritten or typed on a worn machine with a threadbare ribbon, there is a letter done on a clear electric typewriter with solid impressions and a new ribbon. My 1975 tax refund paid for a nice SCM electric. My memory is flawed, I thought I had bought that soon after arriving in Bangkok. Turns out to be about the last thing I bought before leaving Bangkok for my second assignment in the south.

And instead of having to dictate the letters, these scan in well with my OCR software, and just need some formatting and corrections where the folds in the paper obscure the words. I still need to read the whole letter, but only once. Much faster and painless.

I'm now at the end of May 1976, and my move from Bangkok to Haad Yai. Many letters covered the politics which ripped my Bangkok assignment out from under me. There was also a lot of talk of trying to transfer to another country. One letter hinted at the huge anger I had that Peace Corps made no attempt to keep me in Bangkok, where I had a vibrant theater life, onstage and as a techie. But I don't say it outright.

Dinner was Boston Market beef & pasta & ice cream.

Egg cream chaser.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take my camera to MV, park the car at one of the charging stations near Shorebird Rd., and walk my camera down the block where the egrets are nesting. According to the Google pages on it, there ought to be great whites and egret fledglings finding their wings about now. Hatching is most likely a month in the past. 
Maybe hang out at Shoreline Park for a bit.

Home, more letters. I will probably stop with Thailand, since the ones from Israel are not as memorable. And off-topic.
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