Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Set Laew. Riap-roy Laew. เสร็จแล้ว. เรียบร้อยแล้ว

Which is Thai for "all done, all ship-shape". 79 letters entered into the PC. Most by dictation, several scanned in when I finally bought a typewriter which could make a good impression. And then a handful when that went into storage as I got ready to leave Thailand, an event delayed 2 months when PC lost my final check - the one I needed to use for a trip to Singapore for camera gear and back (I had already sold my old cameras to buy food & pay the hotel).

There should have been about 4-8 more. No letters from January or February 1977, which would have mentioned a couple of women I was starting to get involved with, both of whom returned home to their fiancés. In another box is letters written to me. Two of them from one of those women, one was thanking me for wining and dining her in Bangkok, the other I probably did not receive until a year after she wrote it, letting me know she had re-connected with fiancé, had an apartment in the Haight, was going to school and not sure what she was going to do from there. A few years later we got together, she had married and had a new surname, but was divorced and working for HP, as I was. She was kind of insane, we never got intimate, and I lost track of her. I just found her on LinkedIn and pinged her.

As usual, my letters were to the people I was writing to, so there is a lot of embarrassing teasing of sisters, arguing with Dad and urging Mom to fight for the promotion she deserved. And a lot of my explanations of Thai politics, especially the coup, which may be completely wrong.

Also done are the heron photos, in two sets:

1/4 resolution, full-frame, complete set
full resolution, tightly cropped, only the ones needing cropping

In addition to the egrets, there was one interloper:

A black crowned night heron. According to Dr. James: They frequently hang out near egret nesting trees and nab chicks when they fall out of the nest.

And here's one of the babies being fed:

And that was pretty much my day, except for a lox omelet for breakfast, two PB&J sandwiches for lunch and some falafel, cole slaw & marinated artichoke hearts for dinner. And a quick trip to Grocery Outlet for bigger pet beds for Spook. I had ordered one from Amazon last night, but GO has cheaper ones. Also picked up more Thai ginger beef lunches. They did not have any edible Kind bars, Famous Amos or boxes of PayDay bars.

Bombs have been going off all day, close by, and there was an illegal fireworks show just past the back of the mobile home park. No police activity at all. Great America should have started an hour ago, but I didn't hear a thing. The new condos block the view too.

About those letters to me - I obviously have sorted them in the past, they are mostly grouped by author, and mostly in chronological order within each group. A couple bear closer inspection, especially one from a woman whose handwriting I can hardly read, because it is HUGE and stylized. She did type one letter. The name looks like Stacy, which doesn't ring a bell. There are also a couple from females written in Thai script, which I can't read. And a postcard in Hebrew script from one of my Ulpan teachers, which I also can't read.

The photo group host sent a list of his models for July, none of whom I am interested in. There is one in August I may be, but it's too soon after Helsinki.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe sync w/Boss
Maybe do some actual planning for Helsinki

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