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It's Late For Two Good Reasons

As planned, I went to The Pear to see their play As You Will. And as planned, I parked at a charger in front of the Google building nearby. The back of the Google lot borders The Pear's lot.

I set up my laptop in the break room of the Google Pear building. It had been in the hatchback all day, with a shade over it, but the shade is black, and it got up to 110° in the sun today, so the machine was so hot it wouldn't turn on for about 5 minutes. The heat also depleted the mouse's battery. Have I mentioned how much I HATE laptop touchpads?

This was about 5:35, and a little before 6:30 people started coming through the break room in droves. Shuttle buses were unloading more every 5 minutes. Aha! I remembered that there is a cafeteria in the building, Pear Republic, so I closed up the laptop and headed in there. Like all Google cafeterias, no intelligent planning had gone into the traffic patterns. Unlike most Google cafeterias, there were plenty of seats, and it was spread out enough that you can get close enough to see the food before you committed to standing in line. And like all Google cafeterias, lost of eye candy. Unlike daytime, there were lots of families and way too many screaming/crying children.

There was more than the usual amount of edibles, and not a lot of kale. The kale & asparagus salad was about all, and it was untouched.

So I had some roast pork in some kind of fruit-based sauce, green peas and onions, barley, and the salad bar.

While I was in the Pear break room I got an answer to my FB message from Mary B., and yes, she is the person in my letters. But she didn't remember me at all. PC is part of her past which she would rather forget, it seems. Strange but true, the majority of  volunteers feel that way. I'm a bit heartbroken.

7:20 I was done, unplugged the car and drove around the block to the theater. Plenty of seats available for this locally written, unknown show, on a holiday week Thursday night. Maybe 1/3 full by curtain time.

The only thing I did not like about the play was the play. It was hyped as being Shakespeare quotes used to make a new play. And it was, sort of. Most of the famous quotes were shoehorned into place, a very large number of them were taken from the British historical plays I am not familiar with, and the theme of this new play was mostly based on them. The acting is superb. The directing is even moreso. A huge part of the humor came not from the lines but from the sight gags. It's not quite there yet, but will be by closing night, timing is similar to Noises Off. Eight players perform 15 roles. All the players are also the stage crew. Minimal costume pieces serve well in most cases to differentiate characters. There was only one missed costume change I noticed, and it almost worked. The "set" is a bare wooden floor sometimes lit by a rose window "special", and four small square wooden, wheeled platforms with solid-topped tubes of varying heights. They are pulled ll over the set by ropes, and make way too much noise. The theater is arranged as theater-in-the-rectangle. All 4 sides have audience.

The front of the house is also super. It's a new building, and two unisex restrooms are clean, and work, unlike in The Pear's old haunts. In the lobby, wine is for sale at one station, cookies and other hand-made sweets at another, and the ticket/check-in station is another. It was personed by Diane Tasca, the theater's founder and soon to be retired artistic director.

Work was busy. I had three projects going at once, and had pulled another table over to make my work space a rectangular U. On the left is a 60-inch TV which got a firmware upgrade and pre-release app testing, on the right is a 32-inch TV which was used to double-check the 60-incher, and in front of me a non-Android 40-inch TV which can display 4KHDR and was hooked up to an STB and a Macbook for automation testing.

Lunch was a small Marie C chicken pot pie. It was an experiment, and it worked. And fudge mint cookies. There was some walk-by eye candy, including a student group here for mentoring, featuring one stand-out 18-going-on-21 redhead.

Break time was half an hour late, I was so busy, I just had a chocolate pudding cup and relaxed. Found Spook on the webcams, in the bay window and then by her food & water.  There was one especially athletic looking young woman employee who came through.

The three HVAC guys are still at it. They have finished the occupied rooms and are now in the ceilings of the three usually-locked conference rooms. It got too warm in my room by EOD but it was measuring 106 on the wall outside 76 inside. So not too bad.

Home, delivered was the $200 of insulin pens. No wonder it was so cheap - there was only a 20-day supply. I'll save those for Helsinki and order the syringe vials for the rest of the 3 months. I have 2 1k ml vials of that left. At 150 units a day, 10 units per ml, that's a  13-day supply. Helsinki is a month from today.

And I'll order more regular. That comes in smaller vials, 100 ml and I use 300 units a day.  So about 3 1/3 days per vial.

A posting by my Googler PC alumni friend reminded me I wanted to look up her husband's obit. It was very well written, lots of memories. Tragic story, he had a heart attack running on the trail by his workplace. 40 years old. He was Thai, but was born in the US, grew up in LA. I didn't know that. It was less than a year ago.

Also delivered was a set of curtains for the bay windows. I had removed the top tier so the hanging plants would get more light, but now they get too much, and so does the kitchen in the afternoon/early evening. I'll install them tomorrow, probably.

Plans for tomorrow:

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