Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Gnats Update

I keep remembering to post about this when I sit down to write here, and forget every time. But not this time. The gnats in the kitchen problem has been taken care of. Two no-pest strips in strategic locations, and throwing out the table scraps container did the trick over the course of a week. Sadly, none of my sundews or butterworts, carnivorous plants which handled the gnat issue last year, caught any.
It was not a good day today. Taking an almost-full vial of my high-test insulin out of the fridge, I dropped it and it broke. That's about $120. I have two left, and just ordered a 3-month supply. I shot up my usual 50 units before breakfast (banana, HB egg & Kind bar) but by about 11 am I was in the throes of an overdose - Hgl meter said 51, one of my lowest ever readings. It triggered a massive optical migraine and a headache. Luckily I had M&Ms in my cooler, and those helped. By 11:45 I was able to stumble across the street to the break room and make an egg cream and grab more M&Ms, and relax.

Meanwhile, the two projects I am working on were both being a PIA. The automation suite kept losing track of the machine it was testing, and it's a 5-minute process to correct that - when it works, which it only does about 1/4 of the time. And the link which one of the managers sent which was supposed to be to a firmware update for another unit turned out to be a cut and paste error - it was a link to something else he had put earlier in the same message. And he apparently was not online today to fix that.

And it's only a 3-day week, so I only get 3-day pay next week. Today's direct deposit was for last week's full week.

And then Kaiser called with 2 messages from the online pharmacy. When I called back, there was a half-hour wait, but they give the option of them calling me back without losing my place in line. So half an hour later (about 5 pm) I get the callback, which is a robot, and though I pressed the button for "returning a call" it gave me a rep who had no idea I was returning a call. He also had no clue why they had placed a hold on my order, so I told him they were calling to confirm the exorbitant price, but he thought it was a declined credit card, which it was not. Finally he opened my order and read my note to not hold up the order by calling me about the price. People need to learn how to read. He put a rush on the order, but that probably won't make a diff because this is stuff shipped in cold packs, which they rush anyway, especially in summer.

Oh, the two messages were because I ordered two items. At the same time. But each one triggered the high price alarm.

By the end of the day the automation was finally working - with a different unit of the same device. And my blood sugar was probably higher than it needed to be.

Home, traffic was way too heavy for a 3-day-week Friday in the heart of go-to-the-beach season. 101 at Ellis was not so bad, though. But I made the mistake of getting off at the IFH, which was a long wait for traffic and finally a detour.

Gave Spook her treats, got undressed and in bed and crashed for about 15 minutes, then relaxed in bed with the tablet for 2 hours.

Up and dressed, put up the new curtains, watered all the gardens, dinner was Boston Market pot roast & mashed with a chocolate coke float for dessert. Also finished the last of the halvah.  Refilled the hummer feeders. Added a teesny bit of red food coloring.

Instead of the usual TV, fired up the NVidia, logged in with my test account, and played 360° 4K videos and 4K@60fps videos which is what I'm testing at work. The NVidia Shield handled them perfectly, full 4K right from the start (most other devices need to start at a lower resolution and work their way up 1 or 2 notches). The 360° skydiving one is a hoot - you can look all the way around right and left, and about 180° up and down. The roller coaster lets you see the people next to you left & right.

Online project - I updated all my credit & debit card accounts with my travel plans. I have very few Euros left over from my Belgium/France trip, ought to be able to solve that with a cash machine in HEL airport. Just checked, I have no paper Euros, only about 10 coins, mostly small denominations. Hmmm.

Bought a ticket to Sunday's matinée of Toxic Avengers - the musical. They were very close to sold out.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in
Kaiser Santa Clara A1C test
Coffee w/Janice followed by shopping at the new Safeway next door.
Arab market for halvah
Put more olives in the marinade containers

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