Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

2nd Satyrday - Full Moon

Just saw that on my calendar - went outside to check, and yes, the moon is very bright. But my car wasn't plugged in. I would have had no battery tomorrow morning had I not gone out the see the full moon.
Slept in slightly - only till 9:40, Spook woke me up around 7:30 wanting treats. Did not happen.

At about 10:30 I was off to Kaiser big clinic, quite a wait for the blood test. And my co-pay, which used to be 0 and then $25 is now $35. This time I only needed one test, so kind of a waste. The whole panel costs the same. 11 pm no test results yet - of all the tests I get, A1C is the only one which is rarely reported same-day. While I was there, nipped into the pharmacy an got a couple of boxes of BD alcohol swabs. They stopped making them for a while, but the generic brands are too thin, and wrapped cheaply - tend to dry out randomly. The BD box design has changed slightly.

Next stop was O'Reilly auto parts, for two jugs of windshield washer fluid. I ran out last night, thought I had a jug in the shed, but didn't.

Home, plugged in the car.

Lunch was a cold plate of most of the usual things, but no HB egg, I had none. And diet cola instead of milk, for no good reason.

Watched another episode of the Graham Norton show. Two, actually. No matter who his guests are, the show is entertaining. The first one was all B-level stars, the most famous being one of the Hobbits who somehow landed the role of Dr. Watson on Sherlock, though he looks nothing at all like the original character. The second show was a lot more interesting, Mark Walhberg/Sienna Miller/Tom Holland/Woody Harrelson/Andy Serkis/Alison Moyet. Holland is the new Spiderman. Peter Parker. They did not ask where he parked his peter. I had no idea who Moyet is, she was the musical alleged talent. Harrelson I am not a fan of, on or off the screen. Serkis, OTOH, is amazing. Fun hearing old, tired Mark not giving advice to newbie Tom. Miller was slightly amusing and totally blonde.

4:30, off to MV to meet Janice for coffee. She agreed to drive me to/from SFO next month and I'll do the same for her in September. That was the only loose end I still had from my trip, except for Euros. BofA has a better exchange rate than the airport kiosks, but their online order form is down at the moment.

After coffee, I did 2 week's worth of shopping at the new Safeway next door (Rengsdorff & Middlefield). With a cart, it was easy to see that the way they had packed all that stuff into that small number of square feet is they made the aisles narrower - and the carts too. Two carts can just pass by in an aisle, but only because the carts are smaller.

Good customer service. One of the deli people helped me get some cole slaw when two others were being way too kind to a woman who could not make up her mind whether to buy a whole salmon fillet or the same amount in smaller pieces. Same price. Learn to use a knife, lady. And at checkout when I said I did not find magic shell ice cream topping, one of the helpers ran to get a bottle of it for me. Cashier had never heard of the stuff.

Janice's $10 off coupon came in handy.

The main purchase was frozen meals for lunch & dinner, but also got some on-sale stuff, like laundry detergent pods, Spook treats, Limes (big ones, best I have seen this year), Breyer's lactose-free chocolate ice cream, which is the same price as Lactaid's, but twice the size. And so on. Marie C stuff was all on sale, as was the small Stouffer's.

Home, put it all away.

Dinner was BBQ brisket sliders, I think they are made by the same company which makes the White Castle sliders. Same packaging, same cooking instructions, same bland taste. Cole slaw on the side. Lactaid mint chip ice cream with magic shell topping for dessert.

Watched the final Graham show of the season, a whopper: Dame Judi Dench/Steve Carell/Kristen Wiig/Jamie Foxx/HAIM (a 3-girl family band with no songwriting talent but great legs). Dench and Foxx make a lovely couple. And how ironic that it was him telling the "I am sooo old" anecdotes.

Moon seen, car plugged in, and here I am.

It got up to 99° while I was at Kaiser this morning, but cooled down to the low 80's by Starbucks time.

Plans for tomorrow:
Relax a bit, read more of the wonderful short stories of Fredric Brown. Amazing and seemingly limitless imagination, fluid writing style.
2 pm showing in SJ of The Toxic Avenger

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