Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Somewhat Toxic Day

Morning started with Spook enjoying the new doggie bed next to the hampers in the bedroom. At night she was in the bigger-than-before BnB. All three of her beds have been replaced by larger ones, she has outgrown the originals.

And she is no longer a kitten - I pulled out the vacuum cleaner, and when I was vacuuming in her direction, she came up to it and batted at it. She used to run away, whining. Finally got round to sucking up all the fallen leaves from the hanging plants in the kitchen, which were added to when I put up the new curtains and re-hung the plants.

Spook has been more feisty lately, and I'm crediting the catnip which I added to her grasses bowl. Seeds are now sprouts, most of the grass has been eaten, I put in more grass seeds this morning.

Took a tour of the gardens, and pulled out four of the new plants - including one star jasmine - which have been totally fried. I don't understand it, they were in deeply dug holes, with lots of compost. Meanwhile, the one star jasmine in a clay pot a few feet away is thriving. It had been almost dead until I started to over-water it. The two shrubs out front also look toasted, but there is still enough green to hope. I think the front garden needs more cover plants, but those tend to fry first. I don't know why the catmints in the rose garden is doing so well when it doesn't last in the other sites.

Also used the wheelbarrow to cart the three paw paw saplings to the porch. Too much sun in front of the shed. Hauling them up the steps nearly knocked me out. I keep telling myself to make time nightly for the exercycle, then never do.

Played online, ordered some paper bowls online. I used to get them in a stack of 300 at Costco, along with plates, but they stopped carrying the small bowls I prefer. Haven't been to Costco in maybe a year. The only thing there which is still a bargain is lox, I think. But since I haven't been, I haven't checked. And I'm not curious enough to go look (my card is still good for entry, just not for buying).

Ordered €200 from BofA. $240 + shipping, about $12 more than the published rate. I'll pick it up at the nearest branch to home, probably next Saturday.

Drove to SJ at 1, arrived in 10 minutes, found a parking spot a block away from SJ Stage. Waited outside till 2:45, but most of the audience waited till the last minute, which is probably why the show started 10 minutes late. The Toxic Avenger, written by the same duo who wrote Memphis. It's mostly a rock musical, no rap (thank goodness!), some hip hop, a couple of traditional musicals ballads.

All but one in the cast are Equity, so I did not join the almost universal standing ovation. They did an excellent job, but that's why they get the big bucks. Everyone was miked, volume was way too loud, and it was a flat speaker system so the audio did not move around the stage with the performers. One giant technical WTF - they had a huge high res screen suspended at the arch, and the images were high quality and there were some cute blood spatter effects in appropriate places. But there was a big black rectangular scrim cut into the screen at about eyeball height, 1/3 of the way from the right. I am guessing they used this to let the actors/techs see the stage from behind the screen. But boy was it annoying. And wasted. With minimal lighting it could have been used to show action behind the screen.

The show was okay, but it didn't hold my attention as much as it should have. They went with a minimal cast, two guys playing all 467 character parts, many of them as women - not in drag, but in fairly convincing female costumes. The show is fairly true to the movies, except for cast size.

After the show I walked the few blocks to Psycho Donuts, my car was parked halfway between. I hadn't eaten since morning. Short show - 2 hours including intermission.

About half of the audience was a gay couples group. One of my friends from El Capitan was there with his husband (who introduced himself while I was outside waiting - took me by surprise, I had no idea Frank was married).

Which raises a point about Pride™®©. "Hi, I'm Frank's husband" I took at face value. Ditto the two married women sitting next to me. It's old hat now. No cause for parades. Used to be, sure. But as far as I'm concerned it's no big deal to be a homosexual in public anymore. These days it's more dangerous to be black in public. I wonder if that will ever become old hat.

Home, ate one donut on the way, the other two as I was firing up the laptop to check for updates. I used to keep it in the hatchback, but it gets way too hot there these days.

Took a nap. Spook took one in the doggie bed.

Up at 7, beef pot pie & cole slaw for dinner, ice cream dessert. Mourning the fact that the nap took precedence over buying halvah.

Watched most of the pilot for Agents of SHIELD. Insert extra dots as the mood takes you. Very sexy women characters. Very dull men characters.

Plans for tomorrow:

MV Caltrain to Redwood City
Dragon Theater's 360 Storytelling:
"A gathering, but without computers, smart phones, what-have-you. And you all tell stories. It’s just that simple, really. Your story can start anywhere, go anywhere. It may be a memory, something you’ve done, someplace you’ve gone. You have six minutes–or 360 seconds–to bring your story full circle."
Six minutes is a long time for a monologue.

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