Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Too Late

I think CalTrain has Howeird Radar. As soon as it see me coming, the train I want leaves the station - as I watch from down the block.

Up early this morning. Spook was sprawled on the floor in front of the doggie bed. Go figure.

Out a little early. AG didn't call. I didn't call him because it was too early. Summer he leaves later because his kid is in summer school on a later schedule. And engineers rarely need to be at work before 10.

Work was a summer festival. After having nothing to do all morning, after lunch Boss gave me a project which I got completely wrong, so she gave me the same project, this time supplying a workable outline. That took up the center 1/3 of my workspace. The other 2/3 were activated a few minutes later when she sent a new version of pre-release app for me to test on two machines - the one on my left and the one on my right.

And then next door engineer brought in a new machine to test which he had promised months ago. And he also needed me to do a different test on the machine on the right, using the pre-release app. That will be tomorrow.

HVAC is finally working. 106° on the wall outside, 72 inside. Yay!

Lunch, BTW, was small turkey pot pie. Another winner. And cookies.

5:30, off to MV Caltrain. Easy to find parking after business hours. But as soon as I was parked, the train pulled in. The machine to buy a parking ticket was on the other end of the platform. Turns out the train had overshot the stop by about 4 car lengths, and had to back up before it could let people off. But as soon as I had my parking paid for, it left. I was on the other side of the tracks.

Luckily, the express was coming in 10 minutes. Two stops later I was in Redwood City. I could have had dinner, but wasn't hungry. I did stop in at my favorite pastry place, but they had no chocolate cakes. That was an excuse, I just wasn't hungry. There was chocolate-shelled tiramisu, chocolate dipped eclairs and mini cream puffs. And chocolate cupcakes.

It was a lovely afternoon, so I sat outside on the pedestrians-only street, watching an amazing array of eye candy going in and out of the cineplex. High school girls were wearing butt-revealing short shorts and shoulderless tops. Very sexy, very not interested. Luckily there were women of legal age wearing similar things. And stretch pants.

Did a Facebook Live session for about 4 minutes. I need to trim my nose hairs.

At 7:15 I was at the theater for the storytelling event, but I was the only one, so I went for a walk and came back at 7:25 and there still was no audience, so I walked back to the train station, just in time to see the train leaving from a block away. Next one was 45 minutes later. :-(

Found a Starbucks, got a small mocha and a slice of banana bread, walked to the train platform, had a seat, and knocked over the mocha after one sip.

Took the train back to MV, found my car, drove home.

Delivered was all the insulins, and a receipt for $1,553.24. $518 a month. Not so bad figured that way. It's about one 3-day-week's take-home pay, that way.

With Corporate coverage it would have been $40.

Also delivered was a mighty package of kitty meat stick treats. Just in time - I put out the last one from the previous pack tonight.

It was 10 pm before I made dinner - falafel and hummus with cole slaw and the last of the kosher dill spears. Lime soda. Ice cream.

Watched the news on Tivo, which was deleted early because there are just so many times I need to see the same clips from the same brush fire, and there are zero times I need a local yokel telling me the alleged significance of a campaign staff meeting with a pretty lawyer.

Except for the fires, the only actual news was a shooting in San Jose, for which they had no details except someone was shot.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work (it's going to be busy)
Nails (fingers only this time. I may get them colorized)
If there's time, show up at a photo meetup at Alviso Slough. I've taken all the photos there I need, but maybe I'll meet some people.

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