Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Slough Slew Slue

Up with the alarm, had some stuff to do on the tablet before getting up. Spook was miffed that I did not immediately get up & give her treats, and curled up in the doggie bed until I was dressed. It's a good size for her, and she prefers it to the cheap big ones I got at Grocery Outlet. Which also sells the doggie beds. But she has used them all.

On the road on time, called AG, but he has a cold and was going to take the day off to heal. He only got out of bed to take his son to school.

3-ring circus at work. Threatening to be 5 rings. Finished the long boring tests for Boss and put together a 3-slide summary. Will find out tomorrow how off it was. New pre-release app, proposed to be the final version. Some improvements, but not all.

Need to sync with Boss tomorrow, because I'm getting swamped. But with the new release she will probably run out of time. :-(

And I need to do some tests over there. Not thrilled about that.

Lunch was turkey tetrazini & cookies.

Break time I made a chocolate soda. Very cute Howard West girl in the house.

Aircon is almost where it should be, except when I close my door at break time it gets a little too warm. But I can hear the air coming in the vent.

5:30, straight to nail place, but they were booked.

Home, delivered was the paper plates, which were ordered 2 days after the paper bowls, which have not arrived. Guess which one I am running out of?

Need to change the litterbox soon.

7-ish, drove to Alviso slough, aka Marine Park. Lots of photographers for the meetup, all shooting into the sun.

I was not impressed. Some had sun filters. hand-held rectangular ones. Real photographers shell out the $90 for real on-lens filters. Most had tripods.

I've been there many times before. Got some spider web shots,

and the obligatory sunset shots. And an Amtrak train came through, I was close enough for a mediocre picture. I was hoping for another one, but it didn't come through until I was leaving.

Home, dinner was Boston Market beef & noodles with added swiss & parmesan. And ice cream.

Did I mention my A1C results came through? 7.1, my lowest reading in years. Maybe ever. It lies. I have not been doing that good a job at staying away from snacks.

But I'll take it.

Kind of disappointed that doc hasn't emailed to say yay.

Will process the photos and get the bunch online tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
Nails (?)

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