Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

10 o'clock and all is....well....

Spook scratched my face, my beard is bleeding a little. I was holding her, which she hates, getting ready to trim her claws, which she usually tolerates. The irony is not lost on me. I think tonight I will shut all the doors, let her sleep in the livingroom.

Up on time, out by 8:45. AG called, he is still sick. I told him to complain to HR if his micro-manager guilts him into coming to work sick.

The HVAC guys, all three of them, are still hard at work. More freon is being dumped into the outdoor unit by the gallon. I've seen remnants of pumps and compressors lying on the table, ready for an autopsy. But they do have it working - 72 in my room most of the day, despite 90+ on the wall outside.

Put away one test rig. Grabbed a TV from next door at Boss' request, tried to update it, and bricked it completely. Repeated, another brick. Manager for that product did not return my "suggestions?" message. I know there's a way to resurrect it via serial cable, but I don't have one. Or instructions. Boss says to steal another, which I will do in the morning before the engineers next door arrive. This time I'll not update it. I can run the tests we need on old versions, I am pretty sure.

Meanwhile, installed the new pre-release app on two other machines, and beat them up. Also tested new video formats and entered results in Boss' spreadsheet. Including my home NVidia Shield, which she says is the old model. New model came out a couple of months later. I should see about an exchange.

Upgraded the firmware on two boxes, ran and recorded results from one, started running on the other, will get results tomorrow.

Lunch was quiet. Howard West was around, but mostly in class. Turkey tetrazini. Mint Milanos. Break time there was a noisy gathering of Google employee veterans. Military veterans with jobs at Google.  I made an iced chocolate soda and finished the book I was reading. And wrote a glowing review.

Phoned for a nails appointment, got there 15 minutes early. Waited 10. Manicurist misunderstood that I wanted flat silver polish, asked if I wanted all my nails painted black. She showed me the many-faceted color chooser and I chose a dark silver metallic one. Then she did my nails as if I was not wanting color, and realized her mistake as she was putting my hand in the UV curer. Took my hand out, ground all the top coat off, applied the color, which is UV curable. Two layers. $3 extra.

Home, lots of traffic until 101, then it was almost 65mph all the way to my exit.

Delivered was the box of paper bowls. Mailbox contents went straight to the paper recycle bin.

Watered all the gardens, including the porch plants.

I may do some more gardening after all. Need ground cover. Online suggestion was Purslane, known to Mexicans as Verdolagas.
Word is to get it at a Mexican produce store. We have a couple nearby.

Watched about 2/3 of the Doctor Who episode about the colony ship stuck near a black hole. The Pyramid at the End of the World. Pearl Mackie is trying very hard, but she just isn't a Companion. Ditto Nardole. IMHO. I love the Missy character, what a fine actress. Michelle Gomez. Makes you want to kill her. Often. In the most horrible ways.

Dinner was herb roasted chicken, ice cream with chopped pistachio.

Uploaded the Alviso photos here.

Plans for tomorrow:
Home. Maybe by way of a Mexican produce place.

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