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Shut out

I closed all the doors. Had to hard-latch the office door, Spook was able to open it when it was just closed - it's a double door, the two meet in the middle, and can be pushed apart from the outside unless one of them is bolted. Checked on her from work on the camera system, didn't have to check the bedroom, guest room or office, she can't get in those. She spent most of the day on the cat tree by the porch windows, and some on the floor in front of the office. When I got home she was in front of the carport door, ready to bolt outside, but ringing the doorbell scared her away.

She tried her usual routines of meowing, brushing against my leg in the kitchen on her way to the food area, and flopping down in my path. I ignored her.

Up on time, out later than expected but at work 5 minutes early. 101 is a lot faster than it looks.

Work was mostly running the same videos on three machines, and recording the results in a shared spreadsheet. After several hours, one of them showed a bug which someone else had found and assigned me to try to reproduce. But it happened on a different machine than expected (same chipset, so not a huge surprise).

Lunch was Safeway house brand clam chowder. I forgot my soup spoon, and they only have teaspoons at the break room. Mostly drank from the container after wearing too much of it. Mint Milanos for dessert.

No break - got interrupted when that bug surfaced.

Messaged Boss that I would start tomorrow in the big building, since she wants some HUGE TVs tested in there. Part of the reason is 85-inch TV is not really transportable to the hole, other part is it's competition with the engineers next door, who think the other company went out of business. Almost, they fired the CEO/founder, but are not bankrupt yet. Boss messaged that she will be in LA, but come over anyway.

So I brought my laptop and its kit home.  Underground parking at the new big building is easier than the old big building. Same garage, other end.

Straight home at 5:30. Traffic was miserable until the last leg, 101 was at a standstill so I took the back way. Almost detoured to Lowe's for cover crop seeds, purslane, but just wanted to be home, and not mess with gardening till the weekend.

Marie C potato roast, with way too little beef and veggies. Ice cream. While watching the end of the episode of Doctor Who I had left last night. Turns out it was the wrong episode - I think the last in the series. Major bummer of a spoiler. But then I was able to back up and watch the right next episode, which ends in a cliffhanger. BBC America's user interface on SlingTV sucks.

Delivered was a new nose hair trimmer, this one actually worked. And a new aromatherapy mister, which appears to work but I won't know for sure till I check later. I have had bad luck with them.

Long story short, I love the smell of menthol, eucalyptus and peppermint. Singly or in combinations. I have monkey balm, a Thai paste which has them all, and then some, which one smears below one's nose. But it's greasy and doesn't last too long. So I have been using cold water misting machines designed for aromatherapy, and oils of various nice-smelling things similarly purposed.

But they all share the same design, and I have had one burn out, another just stop altogether, a third had no way to turn off the "soothing" but extremely bright light ring, and the last one, which was very pretty faux wood and high volume turned itself off after 10 minutes despite having settings for 1-4-8 hours.

So this one is plastic, has a "mist till empty" setting, and takes 500ml of water. Add a few drops of aromatic oils and go.

In the mail were three pieces which went direct to shredder.

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