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When I sat down to the computer, it was early

Not so much now. Facebook sucked me in deep today with some very interesting stuff, including this:

Trio Mandili

Three girls from the Other Georgia. Re-posted by a friend in Aberdeen, WA from some guy's blog written in Arabic who steals and posts un-attributed music. It took almost 5 minutes searching to remember YouTube. Which I spent all week testing. With lots of searching.

Early wake-up - 6 am - with optical migraine (took two migraine-strength Tylenol), stumbled into the kitchen where my meter is, it took two tries to get the blood sample onto the tiny, awkwardly located slot in the test strip. 66. Low. One Klondike bar and some recliner time, then back to bed. Spook whining at me the whole time because she thought I was up to be the Treats Fairy. She is still locked out of all the rooms.

Woke up at 9, out at 9:30, but no matter because today started in the big building, where I found my alleged desk cluttered with boxes and cables from the guy who sits behind me. Had a nice chat with Tall Engineer, who was pre-testing a new prototype, but this one was in an actual production case. He will bring it by Monday for me to beat up on.

It took me a while to find the TV I was supposed to test. Odd, since it's 85". Unbeknownst to me, the managers had set up a conference room for TV testing, and there it was. Plugged in with a working remote. And the pre-release app already installed. half an hour and I was done, and updated the shared spreadsheet, which also showed the other TVs Boss asked me to test there had already been done by other folks.

Back to the hole. Aircon unit was off, and a new tech was working on it.

Tall Engineer had given me a wifi USB dongle for his proto board, so I hooked that up and it worked. I ran the pre-release app tests on it and added a line in the spreadsheet for them. Also tried an automation test, but something blocked it from connecting. Tall Engineer doesn't Get It that the chip manufacturer needs to follow the rules.

An engineer with the company which makes the three TVs I bricked sent me all the firmware, but that is no help because they don't power up, and the TV has to at least power up to read the USB stick. Maybe Monday I'll get better help from him.

Lunch was turkey pot pie/small, cookies and chocolate pudding.

Also fired up an Australian STB, but it didn't like my login, and the only way to get a new one is on a .au web site which blocks all other domains. So I'm SOL until the rep in London can help. Monday.

And then the long-awaited James Bond device was fired up to run a test from one of our partners. All the current Android TVs have an accessibility feature called Talkback, which, when enabled, will speak the words on the screen as they are highlighted. A very human-sounding woman's voice, and extremely annoying because it says every. single. damned. word. as you scroll down the page. Turns out the unit I have is so new I can't find some of the audio features which need to be turned on for the test to work. The feature is to send surround sound audio from the unit to a home theater by reverse HDMI cable.

Break time I went out to talk to the tech working on the aircon. I was going to take a picture to send to the dimwit in support who keeps closing the ticket, but didn't want to be rude to the tech. He was an hour into overtime and working hard. He had pulled some relays. He said the main problem is the huge outdoor unit is not huge enough by about half. That, on top of it being a 1983 model.

Break time, I'm reading a new novel. The Witch of Napoli by Michael Schmicker. Very well written, moves right along, about a young photographer with a crush on the local psychic.

5:30, straight home again. Hungry, toasted some cinnamon raisin bread. Watched a Doctor Who episode, The Lie of the Land, which was part II of the previous episode. Horribly stupid script, 10 minutes of emotional claptrap for a climax, and totally useless psychoanalysis of Missy by The Doctor at the end. Once again, Pearl Mackie is thrust into a spotlight in which she is not capable of shining. Every week I miss K-9 more and more. And Romana, Adric, Nyssa, Leela, and Martha, though truth be told I thought  Freema Agyeman (Martha) ought to have been the next Doctor. Maybe someday...

One of the problems with watching BBC America on SlingTV is they play the same commercials in the same order for every episode of every show. Doctor Who, Graham Norton, etc., And they cannot be skipped. Two are ambulance-chasing non-lawyer ads: Class action suits for Hernia mesh and for artery blocker malfunctions. "Even if you have no symptoms". One Geico ad, three Subaru "the kid grows up and inherits the family car", and a BBC promo.

Roast beef for dinner, I added mini marshmallows. Ice cream. just finished a root beer float.

Plans for tomorrow:
10-ish BofA the get my Euros. I am getting a little nervous about the trip only being 3 weeks away and I have not thought much about it since I booked the flight/hotel.
1 pm community garden with camera, master gardener demo/talk on fall & winter food crops. I'll probably ask about purslane, which is edible. But I want it more for its ground cover properties. When I was taking the unemployment classes, I walked through the gardens a couple of times, they are across the parking lot.
No evening plans. Yet.

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