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Mister Eclectic

Biting Bullets

Last things first. After looking at my credit card balance, and extrapolating what it will be in a month, I went ahead and ordered a lens which I have been considering for a while. I had already bought the lightweight all-purpose Tamron zoom to use on vacation instead of the heavier Nikon, and it has worked so well that I can't tell the difference in the photos. But my indoor, low-light lens has been a not-so-trusty Nikon 50mm, which I think I actually bought eons ago for my film camera. It has some issues with autofocus, and has proved to be not wide enough. It's okay as a snapshot lens. I thought I had a fast 35mm lens, and it turns out I do, but it's a DX lens, for 3/4 frame cameras (like my D90) but DX lenses only cover 3/4 of the frame, so no good on my full frame camera. The equivalent FX lens was $650 when I first checked, Adorama has it for $526, and includes the filters for free. So that's now on order. UPS says I'll see it Thursday. The real sticker shock came when I looked up the next fastest 35mm lens. $2k. The one I bought is f/1.8 the other is 1.4. And the other is twice as heavy, IMHO not a good trade-off.

Two more bullets - a second doggie bed for Spook, and a replacement pump for her old but usable water fountain.

Up on time, but couldn't motivate myself to get on the road until 9. After 9. Got to work at 9:30, the aircon repair folks were still at it, but they had it running on one cylinder, so temps inside were okay until about 4 pm, and still livable after that.

I had very little to do again, one of the manufacturers asked for photos front & back of the three bricked TVs, to try to ID them and maybe figure out how to un-brick them. Boss asked me to reproduce a bug I filed a couple of months ago, but I no longer have the firmware or access to it. I tried on a different machine with similar firmware, but it can't find any test videos.  Tall Engineer never showed, nor did Boss.
Worldcon came out with the program schedule, and I just spent an hour checking events I'm interested in during the first two days. As usual, there are 5x as many events as there are me to be at them. One nice thing is it knows me, and has my one panel already marked.

One cute touch is where available, it has a head shot of each panelist/presenter. Where not available, it has a head shot of The Invisible Man.

And one disappointment - a lovely woman I first met at a con here who now works in Sweden does not appear to be attending the Helsinki con.

Food report:
Breakfast was the usual.
Lunch was clam chowder & cookies (not mixed together)
Break time hazelnut chocolate soda.

All day there were literal parades of people passing by the hole. Much eye candy breakfast, lunch & dinner.

Plans for tomorrow:

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