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Another Late One - Blame the CHM

But first, the morning. Up with the alarm, Spook was on the bed trying to wake me up 90 minutes before.

I posted about one very weird dream, but there were at least three others that night. One involved me hitting on a woman who had caught my eye in the break room yesterday, who, in the dream, told me to take her home - and en route specified my home. When we got there she wanted to tie me to the four corners of the bed, but I managed to talk her into just letting me assume that position. The rest of that dream is TMI.

And there were a couple of lucid dreamlets - very short snippets of the beginning of a dream where something was wrong with the plot so I told the protagonist to stop the dream and get off. I'm still mostly awake at this point, so it works.

The overheating outlet warning light was on on the car charger again. I need to get that socket replaced. I replaced a similar one on the kitchen island, but the outdoor one has a hood on it, not sure how to deal with that.

On the road at the planned time, AG phoned as I was pulling out of the driveway. He's feeling better and back at work. And Apple has asked for a 2nd phone interview. Odd, since he didn't think he liked the first interviewer.

The aircon guys were busily at work when I arrived. It was cool enough outside that we didn't need it till late afternoon, when they shut it off. Facilities support guy had emailed asking us when a good day would be to shut it down for another major repair, saying they were waiting for a compressor on order. Two of us answered to just let us know ahead of time when it arrived so we could make arrangements.

Spent the day testing a new, not ready for prime time, machine. Considering how far away from shipping it is, it did pretty well.  Except it refused to play any videos from any app. I beat up on it, but finally had to show the engineers next door (it was their machine) and they were baffled. One of them was working on it when I left for the day.

Lunch was tuna casserole with extra cheddar & cashews with cookies for dessert. A lot of eye candy, and a lot of eyesores. A gang of guys hovered around one of the small tables in the middle of the room, with their packs on. For half an hour. As I was reading, a very attractive young woman came over and complimented my nail color, and asked it it was gel or polish. It's gel.

They look darker & more purple under fluorescent lights.

Break time was a parade of eye candy, including the one from my dream. 

Back at the hole at 4:30. On my way out at 5:30 I saw signs on the front doors. New ones, saying for the next 2-3 days the aircon would be off. We were in the building, the doors were unlocked, they could have said something. I took pictures and added them to the facilities ticket.

Next stop, the CHM, for what I thought was food (a reception) and an interview with someone who builds boats but is now VP of Google Cloud. During the talk she claimed to have founded and was first CEO of a company I had worked for, VXtreme,  but the co-founder she named was like #3 on the list when I worked there. She was long gone and someone else took over as CEO when I arrived, expressly to raise more funds or sell the company. As I remember, I was the first and last tech support engineer. I was recruited to be tech support manager, but told them I'd rather not manage. When they were bought by Microsoft I was moved to Redmond, where my job for about 3 months was to answer all support email by saying the product was no longer supported.  The actual founder of VXtreme, the former grad student whose breakthrough it was became a VP at MSFT, and now runs a venture capital company.

She also says she founded and was CEO of VMware. Their site seems to back that up. Her story is she was a rich kid from Annapolis who loved to sail, which was nice because her folks had a house on the waterfront. She went for a mechanical engineering degree, then an advisor pointed her to MIT for naval architecture, and then after a lot of bouncing around found the SF Bay's wind surfing, and software at UC Berkeley. Her work story is of being in the right place at the right time over and over again. And being assertive when she needed to be.

There was no reception. But there was a new, very beautiful wing of exhibits opened.

World of Warcraft & D&D exhibit

Home, Spook was watching me through the office window as I watered the plants.

Dinner was falafel, some shrimp egg rolls, mixed veggies and my world famous satay sauce. Ice cream for dessert while watching the next Doctor Who episode. Somewhat better written than those which came before it. But it got all soapy at the end. I do love that they plopped Missy in. I love her acting, while being somewhat put off by her character. Next one on the list is the one I mistakenly saw out of order, and was not as I thought the final episode of the season - there are 2 more.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. If it gets too warm in the afternoon I'll move across the street.
Home. Maybe by way of Home Depot. Or Home Depot after dinner.  

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