Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Out Of My Dreams And Into The Break Room

Up before the alarm again, but only barely. Spook jumped onto the bed and got some knuckle rubs. And then she plopped down on the foot of the bed until I got up to do my morning stuff, and she headed toward the kitchen. But when she realized I was not following, she came back and curled up in the doggie bed.

After I was dressed and medicated, I remembered sort of hearing a knock on the carport door and there were two packages, the second doggie bed, which I put in the office, and the replacement pump, which went onto the kitchen island to be dealt with later. Not delivered, despite tracking email saying it would be, was the new lens.

Off to work, traffic was insanely heavy the whole way. It was nice and cool outside so the lack of aircon in the hole was not an issue. I opened two widows, but the air was rushing out with enough force to blow off the screens. The tech have made the building more airtight, it seems.

One of the new product managers messaged that he had two STBs for me to test. After an hour I drove up there and got them from him and took them back to the hole. Had it been a hot day I would have set up in the big building.

The first unit is tiny, about 3/4" tall, 3"x3" or so. The longer I had it on, the flakier it became. Between bug reports and just trying to get it stable I was only half-way done by the end of the day. Usually that test only takes 3 hours. Toward the end of the day the next door engineers came in and I gave them a tutorial on HDMI ARC. Audio Return Circuit, which is a tricky piece of tech built into the second generation of HDMI. All it really does is send optical-quality audio directly to a home theater receiver through a high def video cable. It's counter intuitive because it's an input, but it plugs into the receiver's HDMI Out port. They can get away with that if the receiver is not being used as an HDMI switcher, but that's a massive waste of $$ and a good receiver. Better to use an optical cable input and use the output as a switcher.

Anyhow, somehow we got to talking about mobile homes, so I showed them mine on Flickr. They were impressed by how it looked like a real house.

Tomorrow's going to be busy.

Lunch was crowded,lots of Howard West kids and mentors. And the woman from my dream was having lunch in the far corner. My lunch was Thai ginger beef, and M&Ms and grapes because I forgot to pack the cookies.

Break time there was that gang of backpacked boys, four of them were playing a card game, it looked like a cheap version of Magic. Many pretty women came through. This time the WOMD was standing by the all-the-coffees machine for about a minute, then she left, and then she came back and stood at one of the tall tables near where I was sitting, which gave me the whole view. Her face is slightly androgynous, short peter pan haircut adds to that look. And she is about 5'10" and though she is not well endowed she wears tops which show she is female. And in the no accounting department, I am attracted to her bottom, though it is not the bubble type I am hardwired for. It helps that it is not equine.

Home a little after 5:30, leaving my room open so the next door neighbors can use my AV receiver (theirs did not appear to support ARC).

Traffic was the worst I have ever seen. The back roads were backed up where they usually are slow but moving.

Home, plugged in the car, was expecting to see the lens package, but did not. And there were two confusing email messages from UPS. One from this morning said the package was delayed till tomorrow, and one at 5:30 pm which claimed it was on its way, to be delivered between 3 and 5:30. The UPS app still thinks it is in transit for a delivery today.

Not a problem, as long as I get it before Saturday evening, it's fine. I want to use it at the Mimi Tran runway show.

Checked email and Facebook, and took a quick look at the Worldcon site to see if they were ready to take my money for the nuke site trip (they were not, but the organizer had said Saturday). They also were not taking money for the ferry trip and tour the next day to the island fort.

At about 7, I took some photos of the carport electrical outlet, then went to Home Depot where it took half an hour to decide that all I needed was the basic receptacle, so I got two 20A heavy duty ones, one with side connections and one with the connectors in the back. The way the outlet is mounted I think the back is the one I need. Back home, I plugged in the car and watched the glowing charger ring as I turned off each of the circuit breakers one at a time. None of them seemed to work. Very strange. I'll have to use something less capacitive next time.

Dinner was macaroni and sliced turkey dogs & cheese. Watched the final episode of Doctor Who. All the loose ends got wrapped up by Moffat pulling them out his butt. And the Doctor's final scene was interminable. Capaldi has aged many years in the last two. All those close-ups were a cruel thing to do to an aging actor. And the fake 1st doctor was a fake. Anyone familiar with the late, great William Hartnell (who died in 1975) was not fooled, and anyone who was not familiar with him wouldn't care about that scene. I did like that they brought back the incredibly cute girlfriend for Bill.

And here I am. Spook is outside the office door on the runner, ignoring the new bed. I opened the guest room back up, since she likes the futon during the day, makes it easier to keep track of her.

Installed the replacement pump, but will put off adding the fountain till next week. I'm not sure where I want to put it. Maybe the piano room.

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably will finish the Witch book. It seems to be moving rapidly downhill toward a conclusion. 

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