Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another Busy-as-a-Summer-festival Day

Got up with the alarm, but it took me a while to realize that was why the radio was playing a rant by Armstrong & Getty. That's because at 7:30 they are supposed to be going to news and the incredibly irrelevant traffic report. Spook was on the bed for a moment, until I got up.

Which wasn't till 8:30. Somehow I justified working half an hour offset from my usual 9-5:30. It was a good decision, traffic was a lot lighter getting onto 101, and the only major bottleneck was at the exit where many more idiots than usual had failed to notice it was an exit-only lane.

At work at 9:30, there was some email to parse before going across the street for banana, HB egg and diet Cola.

Before I had a chance to continue work on the tiny STB from yesterday, the next door neighbors came over to work with me to figure out why two identical pieces of hardware with software 1 generation apart did not send audio out the same ports. But they had fixed the one with the current version so that it actually played video, so I was able to reproduce a problem which had been reported by one of our software partner managers, and then take it one step further to confirm a theory he had. And I also found a bug which I'd reported months ago on different hardware.

And I needed to install the latest new (pre-release) software on the new unit, and do enough testing to confirm it didn't make a difference. Which meant I could set that machine aside.

Pulled out the mini STB, and it was crashing all over the place, I finally gave up on it and let the managers know. Tomorrow I'll get the power supply for the mid-sized one, and try that. There was still some time left, so I fired up the prototype board, which we got email saying was now supported by a major app, but it wasn't. Boo, hiss. And finally I set the mini up to run an automation test which I will check in the morning.

Home, traffic on 101 was slow but almost non-existent on the frontage road.

At 6:30 UPS was still claiming my lens was in transit and to be delivered by 5:30. By 7 it was not here, so I took a nap. It was finally delivered at 7:30. I slapped it on the camera and took it outside around dusk, and shot a lot of pictures. Low light is the main reason to get this lens, and it worked fine. I need to remember to shoot in fixed aperture mode instead of auto, to take advantage of the largest lens opening setting.

It's not a macro, but it's pretty close. It showed me limes starting to grow on two of the porch trees.

And there's the obligatory Spook photo:

Lee came over with two apples from her tree. I'll slice them in the morning and put them in the lunch cooler.

Lunch was turkey tetrazini and M&Ms. I had not forgotten to pack cookies yesterday after all, I was out of them. Dream woman was not there today. Nor were the boys with backpacks. Instead we has a lot of Howard West T-shirts. 

And I saw from the caravans of visitors coming back from the company store that they have finally produced colorful shopping bags. Possibly for an extra fee, but still much better than the ugly plain ones.

Break time was similar, minimal eye candy. The Howard West kids had a few posters to look at. Posters as in letter sized prints of presentation slides taped to poster board. One of the least effective ways to communicate.

On the road by 6, home by 6:30. Watered the newly seeded patch, disappointed that nothing is sprouting yet. Also watered the oregano, which has gone to seed, but some new sprouts are coming up.

Dinner was 4 BBQ brisket sliders and some raw baby carrots from work. Watched the 6 o'clock news, which was 90% national news & local/state fires.

I uploaded the 35mm test photos here

Plans for tomorrow:

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