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Two apples, speed eaten

The William Tell Overture ought to be going through my head, but it isn't. Instead there's a joke about William Tell bowling for an anonymous charity. Ask not for whom the Tell Bowls...

It was another late morning, I just couldn't put down the tablet after waking up. Many things of interest online. And I was feeling a bit fuzzy. My Hgl reading was high enough for the usual 150 units of regular insulin. Syringes only hold 100. My usual routine is to shoot up the regular 100 units then 50, then put 30 units of rapid in one syringe for breakfast and 50 units in another for lunch. I have a white and a black holder for those. But somehow this morning I shot up 100 of regular and 50 of rapid before realizing what I had done. Rapid is meant to be used just before eating. I popped two glucose tablets as I headed out the door. There were Kind bars, cheese and wheat thins in my lunchbox along with a frozen thing for lunch. 

Got to work at 9:30, and as expected there was stuff to do. I should have grabbed breakfast across the street first, but did stuff instead. And then drove to the big building and picked up a power supply from one manager and waited for Tall Engineer to upgrade the prototype board for me to test. I wanted to chat with Boss, but she was whirlwinding. All I got to do was wave on my way out.

Stepped outside to Ingress. Captured a neutral portal and a weak blue one, and linked them. They are probably already blue again.

Back to the hole, tested the proto board and was happy that all but one minor issue from before the update was fixed. That's a part of the job I love, seeing my reports make a product better. Then I started on the box which the power supply went to. I'll finish Monday. Also have to file a bug against it.

Lunch was Thai coconut chicken, Safeway house brand. Added some cashews. Lee's two apples, sliced and in lime juice made a good dessert. I dipped the pieces in chocolate pudding, not having any PNB on hand.

There was one showstopper of an eye candy fly by. Tall (6' or so) exceptionally well-endowed black woman in stretch pants and stretch top, with a tiny Asian woman. Wow. I have seen her before, and maybe both of them separately, but together they were, as they say in Thai,   น่าดู nâa doo. Literally means "very look". Naa with a different tone means face, I used to think naadoo meant "lookable face".

Break time came at a good time, I was ready to test the screen saver's 30 minutes setting. When I started to wrap things up at 6, I set the screen saver for 2 hours. Monday I will test whether "casting" to it will wake it up.

Locked the inner door, and found the outer door's lock was on. There is no way out the front outer door when that thing is on. But the back door is only locked from the outside, so I went that way. It's a bit of a path through the hedges. I'll let boss know - it's probably not legal to have a door which cannot be opened from inside.

Home, traffic was heavy until the turn off of Shoreline, and the reason was probably that the Counting Crows concert at the amphitheater was canceled, doors scheduled to open at 5:30. Must have been a lot of people turned back at the parking lots.

101 was moving right along when I got to it.

Home, the only thing in the mailbox was a postcard from a credit card company saying they have refunded the bogus charge from Tivo.

In email was a note from BofA that they mailed my VISA card today, the one with no foreign exchange fee, and 0% interest for a year. That'll be my main Helsinki card. The trip is getting closer by the second, an I'm starting to feel it.

Dinner was herb roasted chicken, and a mistake for dessert. It was supposed to be a root beer float. I pulled a bottle of what I thought was root beer (Sodastream bottles are not labeled). I remember it being the last bit of syrup, not a full capful, and it did look a bit lighter than root beer ought to be, so I added half a capful of syrup. Poured some into a glass, added two scoops of chocolate ice cream, and it foamed up all over the place. After it settled down, I took a sip, and I am making a note that root beer doesn't mix well with ginger ale.

I'll have to pour the rest of that bottle down the drain.

Tivo, watched the second half of To Tell The Truth which is really getting on my nerves. Watched the 6 o'clock news until the three anchorcritters started jabbering amongst themselves about the marathon. One of them ran a marathon once, 10 years ago. The guy in the middle looks like he's in good shape, but he says no. Why am I repeating this? I am not interested at all in the people reading the news. They are not the news. When they start to think they are, it's time to change channels.

And here we are. Spook was enjoying the new doggie bed in the office for a while, but then she followed me into the kitchen yelling for treats, which she has already had tonight, and did not return to the office with me. She spent a lot of time on the guest room futon today, and some on the bedroom window sill. And some in hiding.

Plans for tomorrow:
Lowe's, get a plug-in light socket. Home, plug it into the carport outlet and turn off breakers till it goes off. Replace the old outlet with a new heavy duty one.

6-ish, drive to Santana Row with camera, lenses & extra batteries. 7 pm photograph Mimi Tran's grand opening runway show. Mimi is a lot prettier than most runway models.

Home, water the gardens. 

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