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Almost. A few minutes short of High Noon. Spook was spooked by my sloth, she climbed over me a couple of times and got almost into my face until I tried to pet her. She has been very vocal lately, for no apparent reason. Maybe she senses she is being left alone soon. Or maybe she just likes to complain. Some progress - she discovered the joys of drinking from the waterfall part of the fountain instead of the bowl. She still won't take treats from my hand. I suspect she was trained not to. This is too ingrained to be an isolated idiosyncrasy.

Today was the day to replace the carport a/c outlet. And the day I discovered I had bought two wrong replacements. So, off to Home Depot to get the right one, and while there picked up a couple of little things for work. Hooks and Velcro for the flat antennas.

Home, replaced the outlet, and there was no power. Pulled it out, it was wired correctly. Tried one of the "wrong" units, it didn't power up either. Put the first one back in, tried a different way to place the wires, no joy. Put it all back and resolved to call an electrician tomorrow. Posted about it on FB and one of my longest time theater friends, who is a master electrician, offered to come over and take a look. We both figured it was something I'd overlooked, easy to fix.

We both were wrong.

Without boring you with the details, it's a GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) outlet, designed to pop its internal breaker if it detects too much voltage difference between hot wire and neutral wire. I think. Anyhow, Bob had all the right test equipment, and saw that there was too much voltage, even with the juice turned off. After a lot of Trying Other Things, he figured out that it had something to do with the other outlet in the front of the house, and a lack of grounds in both the carport and front cases. By disabling the front outlet he got the carport one to stay working. That all took hours, and he put in way more work than I had any right to ask. And he wants me to remind him in a month or so to take another stab at finishing the job.

Turns out we have a lot of other techie stuff in common, so it was quite a long chat as well.

And suddenly it was dinner time, but first across the street neighbor Louis wanted to talk. He pointed out there was something in my park mail slot but not in his. Turned out to be a notice that the community club is showing Showboat on Friday evening. I'll have to go. About an hour later as I was taking out the garbage I saw his mail slot had one too. Sometimes the golf cart guy goes all the way around the park on one side of the street and then back the other way. That makes me #7 in his route, and Louis about #233. Give or take.

Home, took care of the garbages, lots of cardboard boxes to flatten and bundle. Dishwasher to unload - which meant another trip to the recycle bin.

It was breezy enough to use the oven, so I baked some popcorn shrimp and clam strips for dinner and whipped up some home made tartar sauce (faux mayo & relish).  And since I had the oven warm, I made two batches of Tollhouse cookies from a tub of dough which needed to be baked soon. I pressed on some walnut pieces before sliding the pan into the oven. Two dozen (out of three) done, and cooling. Ate two. Half the shrimp and some of the tartar sauce is in containers for lunch tomorrow. The cookies are also mostly for lunches.

Delivered today was the replacement lens shade for the Tamron. I've added the 85mm f/1.8 to the list for Helsinki. The con sent me my entry barcode. I transferred it to the phone (it's in a pdf) and also printed it.

Janice ran out of cycles, so no chat today. She invited me to see Dunkirk tomorrow, but I'm done with WWII movies. Have been for a long time. Why are there no Korean War movies? Isn't it time to move on?

Plans for tomorrow:
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