Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another boring day in paradise

On-time morning, Spook was nowhere in sight. I think she spent the night in the guest room closet. Morning Hgl was good, 130-ish. Probably should have been lower, all things considered.

My feet were killing me last night, the Teva sandal straps don't have a wide enough reach. So I found New Balance ones to order which are 4E. I expect that will be my Helsinki footwear during the con.

AG left a message this morning on my Alexa which I didn't see till I got back from lunch.

At work around 8:45, lots of bananas in the break room, all green. I grabbed the ripest one. And an HB egg and a Kind bar.

Finished the testing I had started Friday. There were some issues when all the apps were loaded, and also some with the box not making a solid wi-fi connection. My phone also uses that link, so I know if it's the box or the router.

The rest of the day was spent doing what I usually do on Fridays, loading the latest build onto two machines and running an automated test on each one, then slapping the results into a spreadsheet. I read a lot of news, and played a lot of mahjong and solitaire. Unlike the standard Windows mahjong, this one is hard to win. I manage about 1 in 25 tries. Solitaire was unkind to me at first, then I won the last two sets.

I think I'm caught up now, but I need to check the spreadsheet to see if I ran automation on the older James Bond box. It's a prototype board and power supply mounted in a black attaché case. Unfortunately, the hole for the HDMI cable is too small, otherwise it could be closed while running.

Lunch was leftover popcorn shrimp and tartar sauce with some tollhouse cookies. Break time I finished reading a Kindle story which looked like a novel but was only a short story. It was pretty good, the protagonist is the computer on a colony ship, all the people are in hibernation, on a trip which will take millenia, to Epsilon Eridani. The computer has too much AI capability, and eventually goes insane. It gets caught in a loop which goes something like this: the engineers would not have made me intelligent by mistake, they would have a reason. On a trip this long, it would make more sense to have dumb computer. Everything I know is just 1's and 0's, I have no way of knowing that what I was told were carbon life forms really are. This must be a test. Nothing is real.

And so on.

I'm on to the next book, which I cannot remember because instead of reading it during break I got into a Facebook conversation.

Home, plugged in the car, planning on waiting for traffic to subside before going shopping. Plan A was Safeway, but then I remembered Lucky's has more of the things I buy, and it is much closer. $135 later, and absolutely the worst bagging job ever, and I had all the frozen meals for 2 weeks, cole slaw, marinated artichoke hearts, a new (to me) brand of herring in sour cream, overpriced generic lactose-free 2%, Lactaid ice cream (Breyers only had vanilla) To me, vanilla isn't a flavor. Or rather, what is labeled as vanilla ice cream is actually unflavored ice cream. If they added enough real vanilla extract for me to taste I'd love it. But they don't. Some marketing dweeb decided "French vanilla" had a great sound to it, but there are no vanilla trees in France. Mexico has superb vanilla. but "Mexican Vanilla" would send most people running away screaming.

Before shopping, in the mail was the exchange rate free, no interest for a year BofA credit card, and in a separate envelope was my credit score which is now 100 points higher than it was when I bought the house. Authorized the card and went to the Worldcon web site and paid 35 Euros for the nuke plant trip. There was also a chance to buy a site selection vote, but Dublin is running unopposed, so what's the point?

Also in the mail was a pair of greeting cards made from this photo of mine:

It's a passion fruit flower, facing my rose garden but on Lee's side. So I gifted her the cards. She was thrilled. The story is the woman who gave me my first role in a musical is now half of www.AlanHil.com and she makes cards from publicly shared photos to give to the little old ladies in her area nursing homes. She and her husband live out in Aberdeen, WA. She's also quite an artist, and he's a craftsman with wood, and they make a lovely device for holding whatever an artist is working on. Orbital holding systems.

Home, put stuff away. Three bags was more than enough for what I bought, and it left the conveyor belt in a logical order, with all the frozen stuff together. But it was just tossed in at random. Muenster cheese was underneath the frozen pot pies. Plenty of room at the top for the ginger root and bananas, but no, he set them outside of the bags. And so on.

Dinner time. Marie C garlic chicken & pasta, I added some dollar sized sourdough slices and Parmesan. Ice cream of course. Tried to watch channel 2 news on Tivo, but the signal was crap.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe catch a movie.

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