Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

After Midnight, but there has been Progress (as opposed to Congress)

But first, why do I often make these typos:
top instead of to
PLay instead of Play
Enquiring mind wants to know.
It took about 5 minutes this morning to realize the lights were on and the radio was squawking some inane commercial on KGO. What got me up was needing to hit the "off" button before the traffic report. Because, frankly, I don't give a rat's ass that there is a backup on Sir Francis Drake Blvd or an overturned big rig in Uranus.

Having not done anything even remotely aerobic yesterday, skipped the shower and let Rot Guard perform its chemical magic. Spook went into the shower after I left the bathroom. I've stopped asking why.

Spent a little more time online than usual, lots of email and some people wrong on the Internet.

Trump is pranking you. The media is falling for it hook, line and sinker. Twitter is not an official publication, and paying attention to anything on there is Just Plain Stupid. Speeches are more legit, but no law has ever been passed by a President by making a speech. Not even 4 score and 7 years ago. And there was a time when detante was a Good Thing. What the eff happened? Have all my friends forgotten that the Berlin wall was torn down in 1989, and the Soviet Union broke into mostly bite sized pieces soon afterward? We are not at war with Russia. Russia is not at war with us. Our *onauts fly to the space station and work together. If you approved the release of the wikileaks material you have to approve the release of the Clinton email messages.

Work was dead boring. I ran one automated test only because I had the machine available. At about 4 pm Boss had me fill in a spreadsheet which we do monthly, checking which versions of Android apps are on the reference Android TV set.  And she copied me on email asking one of our software partners when would be a good time for us to visit them. They're a few miles away.

Lunch was tuna casserole. Lots of people in the break room again. Mostly men, mostly suits.

Break time I made an egg cream, and am reading a short story which started out great, but has devolved into a xenobashing diatribe. Well written, though.

After lots of FB input and online review reading, I decided to bite the bullet and spend too much money on a new pair of BT noise canceling headphones for the trip.   Sony 1000X was at the top of the list, Bose Comfort 35 a close second.

But first, my calendar reminded me it is manicure day. I had actually made an appointment. My favorite sweet young thing was ready for me. She found a lighter color silver gel polish, which looked like it was gold coming out of the bottle. Manager assured me it was silver. One finger painted and UV cured, and it was exactly the color I wanted. Miracle.

On to BestBuy. Tried the two headphones. Sony sounded better, and is more solidly constructed. It did a better job of canceling the chattering Asian boys next to me. Bose is lighter weight, slightly more comfortable and $40 less. I bought the Sony phones. I also, out of curiosity, tried JBL (very cheaply made) and Beats (they weigh a ton and sound like crap).

Home, traffic was a mess all the way. Probably partly from the World Cup soccer game at Levi's. 

Email from Avanquest included MICR fonts, and re-installing them plus rebooting the PC fixed the check printing problem, so now I have the rent ready to hand in. Probably will do that Saturday and give them my vacation dates.

Next project, trying to use Word for the business card was a FAIL. I couldn't come close to the layout I wanted. Even with the Avery template. Avery had a free template online for inDesign, but it's only one page, and adding more pages loses the guides, so I had to make one file for the front of the card and another for the back. I made some more changes for the international nature of the con, like adding 1+ to my phone number and USA to my address. I took Twitter off, and added Dreamwidth and Instagram. Everything worked first time, so now I have 50 cards, and can make more (but probably will come back with 47).

Late dinner was a pair of Jimmy Dean breakfast croissants and two corn on the cob quarter segments. Cole slaw on the side. Root beer float for dessert, this time with actual root beer.

Charged the headphones, paired them with my cell phone (something my older Sony headphones refused to do) and played me some Meatloaf Bat Out of Hell tunes. One thing about noise canceling headphones - you have to sing along VERY LOUD to even start to hear yourself. 

Accepted a BASFA friend's invitation to be on another Worldcon panel. This one on Cosplay photography. She always bids on my calendars each year.

Plans for tomorrow:
There should be a brand new version of the James Bond machine to test
Print address labels. Which means checking addresses.

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