Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I will go to bed Real Soon Now

Another late night last night - like 2 am. Tonight's address label project was foobarred for about an hour, I had to actually read a help file to get it working. And the help file was not quite right - but close enough.

So now I have the address list I used to mail the calendars, plus extra labels for family, ready to put somewhere. MSWord mailmerge is weird, it only shows the first page of labels. But then it prints all the pages (in my case 2).
Morning broke. KGO got me up out of the shower around 8:30, didn't get drugged and lunch packed till almost 9. But on 101 it's only a 10-minute drive after 9. AG phoned at almost 9.

The automation test was updated, I ran it on a newly updated TV, and the results were the same as before - not all the tests were reported. Boss' boss thought compiling results of tests every week would be a simple cut and paste, and it should be, but there's something wrong in the code design.

So I spent about an hour lining up all the columns to show gaps where sometimes a test or series of tests didn't get recorded. & updated the bug report.

Lunch was chicken a la king and 3 tollhouse cookies. I saved the 4th for later, but later will be tomorrow.

No break, I was busy columnizing.

To pass the time I watched I Can See Your Voice -Thailand which had compiled last season's most memorable moments. Most of them were cases where the judges guessed that the contestant would make noise instead of music, but the contestant sang like a pro. In one case he was a pro. In two cases people born male pulled off soprano songs - not falsetto. One was dressed as a very tall, elegant woman, the other was dressed like a young man with a translucent shirt and bikini top underneath. I love how the panelists enjoy being surprised.

The kicker was this tiny Isan woman wearing a really cheap Halloween Valkyrie costume, who surprised everyone by belting out an almost coloratura rendition of Queen of the Night's piece from The Magic Flute. I will share it here. She comes pretty close, but I had to listen to Callas's version to not have to wash my ears out with acid.

Straight home. 101 was at about 40 mph, the back street was 45, but with stop lights. Home in 20.

Lots of email - I've been put on another panel at Worldcon, one on cosplay photography. I had volunteered to be on such a panel but was passed up by the con schedulers. Turns out a BASFA friend is in charge of the costume track. The moderator is an Israeli woman. She has an impressive software developer resume on linkedIn. And some really nice nature preserve baby animal photos on FB. She has a thing about stark lighting.

 Dinner was Boston Market beef & noodles.

Time to shoot up and crash.

Plans for tomorrow:

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