Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Did It All

Woken up with the lights, then turned them off, and slept till 9. Things done:
-Swiffered the kitchen floor
-Watered all the indoor plants
-Dropped off the rent
- Gave vacation dates to the park - new manager was training new admin, they both were too busy to pay attention to me. Rude.
- Home Depot, turned in 2 unused outlets for a refund
- Car wash, now more than twice the price from 5 years ago, shoddy job. They are still using cheap rags which leave fibers all over the windows. They left the gas cover open - the only way to open it is by pushing a button on the dash. The guy doing the final wipe-down forced the hatchback down - it's hydraulic, there's a button right on top, clearly marked. Wipers were on full, rear wiper was on as well. And I got stuck behind some asshat who pointed out all the imagined spots which were missed. Manager came over and ignored my honks to move, I had to back out. Need to find a better car wash.
- CVS, got B12 and Scharffenberger.
-BB&B, soda stream cartridge exchange
- Met Janice for coffee
- Cabaret show in San Jose.

The cabaret show was by Sarah Griner, with whom I fell in love when she played the mother in Ragtime. She and the father were an item, they had done A Little Night Music previously. But when Ragtime closed, father did what his character did, and walked out on her. He didn't want to commit. She went off the deep end for a while, found some help via equine therapy (in her youth she was an Olympic gold medalist in equestrian acrobatics) and eventually father gave in to her co-dependency and proposed. He did a couple of duets with her in the cabaret. So did the guy who played the character mother runs off with after father is killed in a cruise ship disaster.

The audience was a lot of Ragtime alumni and people who were in her classes at Notre Dame, where she just finished an MFA.

After the show the performers left**, except the pianist who joined some of the students for drinks. I made a pit stop, did not see Sarah when I got back, so I hoofed it back to the car.

And thereby hangs a tale. I thought Hotel De Anza was the one on the corner of Market and San Carlos, across from Montgomery theater, so I parked the car in the garage two blocks away. They have cheap car chargers, I tried to plug into one but it was defective, had to move down 4 spaces for a working one.

Walked to where I thought the venue was, but it was the St. Claire. Looked up the De Anza address, Google street view decided to not help me, it wanted to list every hotel in California and Nevada. Long long walk, about a mile. Saturday night in San Jose there is a lot of eye candy, so at least there was a view. I got there with 10 minutes to spare (instead of 45) paid my money, and found a very comfortable stuffed chair by a table. Did not like the dessert choices so I ordered the salami antipasto plate. I was hoping to have it in front of me before the show started, but it came during the first number.

And it was the worst antipasto plate ever. Instead of the listed 5 varieties of salami, there were 8  small bits of the same leather-tough meat. Two rock hard bread sticks, 6 rock hard toasted baguette slices, some pimentos, some California black olives, pitted. 6 tiny potato halves, heavily peppered.

Sarah was terrific. She started with a slow, melancholy tune called Sing Me A Happy Song. A little disappointing choice for an opener - the song, not the singing. Next she did a very brave thing, in light of her recent soap opera, one of my favorite songs from Chess, Someone Else's Story. The ultimate torch song. It's in my key, I love to sing it. I have no idea why. Except the tune and the stanchion speak to me at a gut level. "Go Now!" toward the end, Sarah punched a little, it could have used more. Then there was The Wizard And I from Wicked, which was mostly to show her
range. While she was singing it I kept hoping she would do For Good, but she didn't.

I lost track after that. Something with her fiancé, from ALNM, something from Ragtime with the guy Mother runs off with. About 45 minutes between the three of them. The audience wasn't having any of this "good night" shit, and brought her back for three encores. The pianist was willing to go all night. A very loudly appreciative audience. It is wonderful to see her so loved, after all she's been through.

Long walk back to the car, halfway there I parked myself at the light rail station and looked up the schedule - as usual I saw a train go by from 2 blocks away. Nothing due for 15 minutes, I could walk the rest of the way in half that. And I did.

Home. Falafel & veggies for dinner, & ice cream. Unloaded the dishwasher.

It is starting to hit me that a week from tomorrow I will be on a plane for Finland. I am not ready for this trip.

**Sarah commented on FB that she didn't see me there and would have liked to chat after the show. Apparently they did return to the lounge and stayed till almost midnight. Bummer.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in
Get the rolling suitcase out of the shed and start packing
Iron the Hawaiian shirts
Lunch buffet at the new Himalayan restaurant
Put some theater videos on a USB drive

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