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Why Am I So Sleepy?

Been sleepy since about 5. No idea why. Got a good night's sleep. Breathe-right strip stayed in place for a change. Maybe because I didn't have anything to do after 5.

Out of bed by 10, switched the Fabriq speakers from sounds of the ocean to a newly found TuneIn channel, called Smile Sussex, which I found searching for big band music.  They play lots of familiar 40's tunes, but also as late as 70s. And many of the arrangements are covers. Turns out the station is located in Brighton, UK. I have a cousin who lives there, I should ask if she knows about them.

I know some pet owners keep a TV or radio on for the animal, but Spook doesn't seem to care either way.

Left at noon for Himalayan Kitchen, which Janice had recommended. Turns out I had been there before - the place which sewed the new borders onto my quilt is two doors down. And I didn't think much of it then. Opened the door, there were four guys ahead of me waiting, playing with their phones, and they looked like they were there for the long haul. The greeter walked to the back of the place as soon as he saw me come in. It was packed with Indians, the ones from India not the ones from Washington DC or Cleveland. The name is a lie, it was all Indian and Chinese food, but the place smelled like Indian food.

I left, and drove down the block to a place I'd been curious about called Old Siam. I see it when I have the car washed, but usually it's not a meal time. Small place, three obligatory crying babies right up front. Two more arrived later. The staff was overwhelmed a bit, but they were very nice, spoke Thai, and did their best juggling what really needed one or two more pairs of hands. I had fish cakes as an appetizer and the special, crab fried rice, which is a favorite.

The place is decorated with old photos of Thai royalty during the era when it was called Siam. Not a single image of the current (new) king, which does not surprise me, but also the photos of the previous king & queen were like their wedding photo and maybe one other from before they had children. My table was under a carved wooden sign, the kind which usually says "yin dee dawn rahp" (welcome) but this one said "ayu yang thai" (we be Thai).

The fish cakes were meh. The fried rice was dry & there were shell fragments in it. The Thai iced tea was mostly ice, but it was fine till the ice got to melting. The only utensil on offer was a fork, which is a FAIL. Spoons are required. It wasn't so bad that I wouldn't give it another try, maybe with a noodle dish. And at a less busy time so I can flirt.

Home, plugged the car in. Got my rolling suitcase from the shed. It's carry-on size, but will probably be my checked bag. Dinosaur bag for carry on I think. It has a laptop slot.

Ironed 4 weeks' of Hawaiian shirts. My back did not like that very much. Also set up the new aroma mister, and threw away the latest one. The last 2 high capacity ones turned themselves off after a few minutes, regardless of which timer setting they were on, and they didn't have enough power to push the aromatic oils into the atmosphere, so all they gave me was cold water vapor, and left the oil in the base. Both had the same basic electronics but vastly different deisgns. This new one is actually another of the old ones I started with, which worked fine until they didn't, 3-6 months later.

Took out all the garbages and recycles.

At lunch I read the last item on my kindle app, so I went onto amazon and "bought" a lot of free and 99¢ items and loaded them onto the tablet. Also downloaded the con's new Helsinki restaurant guide and flipped through it in the kindle app. It seems that Finland has the same draconian booze laws as Washington State did when we first moved there. Short sales hours, and hard alcohol is only sold in designated liquor stores.

Sarah, whose cabaret concert I went to last night, struck up a messenger chat with me. She was curious about why I thought her second song was a good one to have early in the set. I told her I thought it was the story of her life, more or less, and that it's my 2nd favorite song from Chess (my fave is out of her vocal range) and that I liked how she personalized it. I suspect she didn't like that I thought her life was a torch song, but she was gracious about it.

I forgot to mention that on the way back from the cabaret I got to watch some of the Great America fireworks.

Dinner was herb roasted chicken, orange soda and chocolate ice cream with walnuts and magic shell.

Online someone suggested a fishing vest would be a good idea for the con, definitely a good idea for my photo gear. It took a while to find one online in my size, but it should get here in time.

On that theme, Spook's water fountain will run out in a day or two, so I checked and it's been 2 weeks, so it should be fine for the time I'm gone. I'll still set up a 2nd one.

Plans for tomorrow:
Pack some things. T-shirts, undies, electrical adapters.

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