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So as I was packing my lunch cooler, AG phoned, but with no free hands it went to voicemail. In the car I was going to call him back, but it wouldn't connect. Somehow between using bluetooth to slurp up my morning Hgl meter readings and 10 minutes later, BT on the phone turned off. Couldn't get it back on while driving, and was too not-on-time to pull over and fix it. No place in my neighborhood to do that anyway.

3 am low Hgl feeling, reading was 63. A Klondike bar was not enough, 2nd round was some Breyers chocolate lactose-free, which needed honey, because lactose-free has fewer sugars. Honey bottle had been fine a week ago, is now a magically crystallized lump. Good thing I had a spare jar in the booze cabinet.

Half an hour later, back to bed, slept well, woke up only a wee bit confused.

Arrived at work with the HVAC guy needing the door opened so he could plug in his extension cord, which is when we noticed all power to the building was off.

I took my laptop nextdoor, filed an urgent fixit ticket, and also made a note on the HVAC repair ticket which goes to everyone concerned with that building. In about 5 minutes an electrician was on site - turns out to be the same guy who used to make repairs on this place when it was new, 25 years ago. But he had to call security to get the fire riser and electrical closet doors open. There was an alarm going off in the former, but it turned out to be the battery backup alert. Upstairs, where I had never been before, they found that the HVAC unit had tripped the main breaker, instead of the ones for the HVAC unit. Those got flipped back on and all was well. He also found the archaic clock mechanism which turns on the restroom lights at 10 am - it was off by a couple of days (weekends they don't turn on at all).

So that was fun.

What was not fun is the morning snack crew never showed up, so breakfast was a hard boiled egg and whatever I had that wasn't lunch in my cooler.

Sent email to all concerned with my travel dates and bragging about what I'll be doing in Helksinki.

Started the long automation test running, and while that was cranking I pasted the results of Friday's last tests into the spreadsheet.

Lunch at 12:45, Thai ginger beef,  didn't expect Boss to actually show up at 1:30, but she did. We had a good sync-up. Looks like Los Gatos will come to us, no field trip. I also came to bat for the programmer who hacked the short automation test, showed Boss that missing data was not the programmer's fault, it was simply not being reported by the device. She had me send a log file and found some answers in that. And she said my smoke test is going to get bigger, more things which will be required for certs.

Started reading Scalzi's latest, The Collapsing Empire. Finished the prologue at break. He is one fine writer. Break time we had two small families dragged in by an employee parent. I was not impressed. No eye candy at lunch or break.

First thing in the morning there was email from the WorldCon art show director with info on how to submit digital photos. Turns out the web page worked, she saw my sign-up, and sent me info on the format which the photos needed to be in. Landscape only, 1920x1080 72 dpi, which means a low resolution 16:9 screen. During the lulls at work I looked up my favorite recent photos on Flickr, emailed the list home.

Home, copied those photos plus a few from past calendars into a folder, wrote a Photoshop macro to resize the photos and apply a canvas with white side borders, and save it with a new name to another folder. Then I opened them all up again, and wrote captions vertically along the right side (the left side Worldcon will use for copyright info).

Actually, my first pass didn't work because I'd un-checked the box to rename them, and then a second time because I'd unchecked what I thought was a redundant box to make the borders which wasn't redundant after all.

So this:

Became this:

I had to use all caps after doing a few in mixed, because mixed accentuated the differences in the spacing of the letters, and I don't have a fixed width font I like.

Dinner was Boston Market pot roast, chocolate ice cream for dessert.

Reloaded my meds containers, and had to re-order one pill which may run out during my trip.

Washed out and refilled the water fountain. carbon from the filter was leaking into the water basin. The filter is supposed to prevent that. So now we're doing without one. Which reminded me to refill the filtered water jug in the fridge.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try to get out earlier
Call AG
Fry's, get an EU friendly SIM chip

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