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But first.. up early, showered and dressed before the alarms. Good Hgl reading, called AG as I pulled out of the driveway. Traffic was slow-ish, lots of bunches and surges, but I was in the hole's lot 15 minutes early. All the breakfast stuff was in the break room for a change. Two rows of diet Coke. Someone got the memo.

Email from three managers asking me to do work for them. The first was a non-starter because he hasn't given me the machine he wants tested. Second was a non-finisher because he wanted me to test the remote control response while playing 4K video on a unit which crashes when it plays a 4K video. He even used the bug report on that to tell me which machine to use. The third one almost didn't start because the build version on my unit did not match what he had been given, but it turned out to be newer, which was better. So I spent the day manually testing it. I'll automation test it tomorrow, probably.

Lunch was tuna casserole. One pretty girl from the Howard West program and a couple of very tiny Asian women appeared briefly. Plus a couple of Howard West boys who appeared to be cutting class. From their grammar I would say they probably had pranked the system. Mostly I'm pleasantly surprised by how bright these "disadvantaged" kids are.

Both on my way into and out of lunch, I gave directions to tourists. There is no visitor's center open to the public, the one clearly marked on the maps and several signs in the area are for employees only. WTF? When I got back to my desk I looked up the official tour page, and found that there not only are no tours of campus open to the public, it takes a ton of red tape to get permission to give one, and only then when there's a business need. Strikes me as insane. All the competition offers tours and have gift shops on the main campus. Some even have museums.

No break, I was busy looking up stuff online.

Home by way of Fry's, picked up 32GB and 64GB USB drives which were on sale, but the main reason was to get a OneSimCard, which is the phone sim company which replaced the one I'd used at London Con. The new company has it way more together. The card comes with a phone number in Estonia, which is non-roaming for Finland, and one can enable a US phone number as well. More on that later.

Next stop, Grocery Outlet, which was out of Kind bars, lox and lactose-free ice cream. And HB eggs. And the limes were puny. They did have marinated artichoke hearts, and I discovered that the ones I threw away thinking they were spoiled were actually grilled. Who would want to marinate grilled artichoke hearts? One or the other, I figure. And they had Famous Amos cookies, but only boxes of 20 packs, not the big box of 64. I picked up a pair of small turkey pot pies for lunches. Only 3 needed till vacation, but frozen stuff keeps well.

Home, put stuff away. Formatted and renamed the USB drives. Went online and signed up for the SIM service. The card is pre-configured with a +372 country code, which is okay, but when I opted to add a USA number, instead of it asking, it assigned me a number in Ohio. It allowed me to add another for free, so I chose a 408 area code. Emailed support and they removed the Ohio number.

Slapped the SIM into my phone, and it worked first time, came up with a T-Mobile network logo (same as London) and the test phone call worked. Put the local AT&T SIM back, and put the EU one into a pill bag with the tool for popping open the SIM/SD drawer.

And then it occurred to me that I ought to re-do my biz card with those two numbers on it somewhere. After as little thought as possible, I opted for the second side, which needed a serious layout cleanup anyway. That side has all my social media links. Now it has the phone numbers on top. The front is unchanged because it has all my home info, and it was a PIA to get it right.

I thought I had some Kodak bizcard paper, but didn't. I did have some Avery photo on one side bizcard paper. I spent half an hour printing a batch on that, but the non-photo side smeared all over. Had to wash my hands, and it also left some residue on the printer roller. So I used the 2-sided matte stock instead, another half hour.

Turns out Avery does make 2-sided photo biz card stock, but (a) it would arrive too late or Just In Time, and (b) I'm done.

In other news, the car is sending texts that it is waiting to charge, when it is plugged in and ought to be actively charging. Turning the remote controlled switch off and back on gets it going again. For a while. Maybe after Finland I'll take it in for a checkup.

Dinner was late, beef pot pie and frozen mixed tropical fruit. Decided to conserve the ice cream.

Delivered was a fisherman's vest. Great design, but 2XL is 2Xs too small.

Last night before bedtime I plucked a few sci-fi T-shirts out of the closet. And a pair of jeans. As I was getting into bed, Spook opened the closet door from the inside. I had not seen her sneak in there.

Plans for tomorrow:
Return the vest
See if Dick's has them in my size
Lucky - ice cream & frozen dinners (?)
Check to see if I have deodorant, toothpaste and a toothbrush in my travel stash. I know I have q-tips.
Pack clothing.
Maybe do another load of whites

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