Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

National waiting day

Lots of waiting today. Waited to get out of bed, waited in traffic more than usual, got to lunch 15 minutes early so I would be on time for Boss sync, waited for Howard West students for a minute but it was clear they would be in my seat till the hour. Boss canceled, it was too hot outside for the walk, she'll come by in the morning when it's cooler.

Long wait on the drive home for three people Driving While Stupid holding up traffic to make a left turn where there isn't a legal one, totally missing the legal one 10 feet ahead for which there was no wait.

Home, tried to take a nap, ended up reading in bed. Unplugged the car and drove to Target to stock up on travel sized things, a quick survey of my stash showed everything expired or missing. Should have done the same thing a month ago with my badge ribbons, I am almost out of one of the three, and have only a few of another. I missed the turnoff to the back way to Target because of someone DWS, and then go stuck for 10 minutes waiting to make a left turn at an intersection with a fire station and police car lot. Those puppies mess up the signals.

Checkout at Target took 15 minutes, behind two sets of people who bought everything, and didn't know how to pay for it.

Target didn't have any of the foodstuffs, so on to Lucky's where the wait was almost terminal but I changed lanes and somehow Rule #1 was not invoked.

Home, Spook waited by the door to try to sneak out, and yelled at me a lot. I'm tempted to get her a harness and take her outside, but that would involve donating blood, and she would probably pick up fleas.

Dinner was herb roasted chicken. Lunch was turkey pot pie & famous amos.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try to be on time for work
Sync with Boss
Run some tests
Home, pack.
Update & charge the laptop
Find the National Bowling Center fanny pack, much better than a fisherman's vest.
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