Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Low Hgl all day

Once again on that carousel. This time it hit me in the shower, rather than 3 am. One of the symptoms of low blood sugar is water content in the cornea changes and things get blurry. And optical migraines set in, compounding the eye problems. It's mild, I can still see well enough to get around the house, but it took two tries getting the blood sample onto the new! improved! tiny side-loaded test strip. The new meter uses a minuscule sample, sucked into the strip by capillary action, but if the sample is a little off to the top or bottom, it doesn't fill the slot and there is an error, and the strip is unusable.

I was still feeling squirrelly when I got to work (15 minutes early) and my Hgl was still low. Grabbed a banana and egg from the break room, and a Kind bar, and a couple of dark chocolate pieces. They have stopped putting out the M&Ms, which would have been the best cure.

Had stuff to do at work right off the bat. Our man in Europe replied to my test results for the Australian STB. Australia isn't in Europe but the manufacturer is. Turns out the reason the remote didn't work is there was a defect in the case - as soon as I pried off two bits of plastic which were blocking the negative battery terminals, it worked. I thought I would have to re-do a whole mess of tests, but there were only a couple, since the remote doesn't support voice commands.

After I wrapped up the formal tests I started the weekly automation test on a TV to my right, while I watched movies on the Australian machine, hooked to the TV in front of me. So when Boss made a surprise visit with one of the programmers from another Google company, it looked like I was actually being constructive. Boss had him there to see "the lab" (aka the hole) and I showed him how some high rez videos break some of the streaming media boxes.

My torture test for the Oz box was Jurassic World, the whole movie. I have two questions:
1. Where has Ron Howard's daughter been all my life?
2. Who let this movie out?

Part of the test was piping optical audio to a Dolby 5.1 receiver, and sound mixing was horrible. Okay, voice audio was super, but as soon as people stop talking, background music and effects go up to max. The writing was awful. I bet they hired several thousand stunt people (which is good) to die off screen (which is not).

Lunch was turkey pot pie, there was a burst of eye candy as women who work upstairs came into the building just before me, and one I've mentioned before is supermodel material. Another is lingerie model material.

It was very humid today, I needed real aircon at break time, and more sugar. The chocolate syrup pump was almost empty but I managed a lame egg cream. Still enjoying Scalzi's Collapsing Empire enormously. He makes reading fun.

Left work at the crack of 5:30, with an automation test running, to be spreadsheeted (spreadshot?) tomorrow.

Traffic on the back roads could have been a mess if I'd left 10 minutes earlier, major crash at one of the stupidest intersections, Ellis street where 101 dumps onto it and where it dumps onto 101 and the Moffett access road. Luckily there was enough room on the right to pass.

Home, packed all the things in the rolling case, except for some things I didn't pack. Spook helped by trying to curl up in the open shell. She did not find the power adapters comfortable.

The seed starter kit only has 4 out of 12 peas sprouting and 0 for 12 milkweed. I added a pea to each unsprouted section and a couple of tamarind seeds to each of the the milkweed sections.

7:30, I knew I should have waited till 8, but I keep doing that. Took bumper to bumper 237 to Walmart, in search of a fanny pack, a floppy hat and thin white socks. They had no floppy hats - maybe they had them in the (closed)  garden department. They had no thin white socks, but I got some white diabetic socks to try, and some FOTL thinner than usual cushioned socks. They took half the store and made it into a grocery, and now only carry about 1/3 of the men's clothing they used to. Target has completely taken out its men's clothing section.  Did find a suitable fanny pack, which I wear in front. It was designed to hold 2 water bottles, so lenses will fit there. The strap is long enough with 2" to spare. Maybe 3.

Home, much less traffic.

Dinner was some meat-like slabs with mashed and corn. And mint chip ice cream.

It was overcast and muggy all day, watching the ignorant bastard on the news ignore the fact that yesterday he predicted high temps and sunshine made me laugh.

Refilled Spook's food tower.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work, wrap up stuff
Enter online time sheet
Charge and update the laptop
Pack some more

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