Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Booooooring Day

Up on time, another low-ish Hgl day, but 80 should not feel low, it's normal person's normal. To me 110 feels normal, 90 starts feeling low. Theory is the more I keep steady around 80, the more it will feel normal. In theory.

Outside, there was a lot of water on the ground. Looks like a flash rainfall happened.

Would have been way early to work this morning but a HUGE crash on the other side of the 3' tall concrete barrier somehow made traffic in my direction come to a halt and be stop and go for about 5 miles. As soon as we were past the crash site, which did not in any way bleed over to our side, traffic was like 2 am on a Sunday. AG called, and though I was in the parking lot at 8:45, he kept talking, so I didn't get into the hole for half an hour. He has a second interview with Apple today. Had, I guess. It's a job he doesn't need, and doesn't really want, but it's practice.

Checked email, there was a note from a manufacturer's engineer overseas pointing out to the software engineer that I'd already confirmed the same thing happened on another machine. Just to be thorough, I duplicated it on a 3rd machine in front of me, and attached a video.

And then nothing for the rest of the day. No email, no Boss messages, nothing. I spreadsheeted the results from overnight, which took about 3 minutes, and that was it for the day.

I watched some movies, Fantastic 4, which took way too long to come to a plot point, but once it did it was hard to tell where it was going. The final 30 seconds were the best, plus the first closing credit, "Produced by Stan Lee". Add an "a" and it's Satan Lee.

Yes, I did make that typo

Tried one of the Terminator movies, but it started with mindless violence on a pregnant woman, not something I find entertaining. Switched to YouTube and live cams. Played some computer solitaire and mahjong.

Lunch was a pair of sausage croissants and some artichoke hearts. Famous Amos for dessert. There was a massive meeting of some sort, but they were kept in the lecture hall after grabbing water bottles.

No break. Too bored.

5:30, attempted to drive to the garage to charge the car (last couple of nights the charger quit several times, as if it was waiting for a scheduled start time, except the time listed was right now), but the left turn light had been disabled. No signs, but that's Google security for you. Preventing people from using the garage for the Shoreline concert. So I drove to the next available charger bank, at a complex called the Hub, which is where all the Google buses pull in to drop off and pick up passengers. Read from the tablet while admiring some of the eye candy. There wasn't much, mostly nerdy guys.

When the car was done charging (which told me there is nothing wrong with the internal charger, I probably need a new hookup), I headed home. No traffic on the back road, and 101 was almost at speed limit when I got on at Ellis, but the last leg on 237 was at 50 for no apparent reason.

Home, thanks to the morning rain did not have to water the gardens but the porch trees were dry.

Dinner was turkey bits & stuffing & mashed & shredded veggies. Ice cream & magic shell.

Started updating the laptop, it ought to be done by now. Major update, took a long time. There's also an update from Dell.

Did my timesheet, Quicken says my last week's salary made it into the bank today as expected. The charges for the SIM chip are also there, but none of my payments to WorldCon for the tour and the photos have cleared.

On the drive home a miracle. There was a big tree root growing under the pavement which I hit almost every time, and it was a major bang. They finally shaved it almost level and patched over it. Now it's a minor bump. It's been bad for a year.

I wore the diabetes socks, they are not keepers, nor are the FOTL ones.

Plans for tomorrow:
Dishwasher load
Probably 2 loads of laundry
Macy's, get some ankle length thin socks
Finish the checked bag packing and do as much of the carry-on as possible
Ford dealer - find out about replacing the outside charger & rear wiper blade. No info online about those.

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