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Could not get to sleep. Brain was abuzz with all the things to do for the trip. Tried the recliner, and it helped calm me a bit, but needed the bed for sleep. Too late/early to try wine/cider. Probably should be drinking some now. Hang on, I'll put my lime soda away and pour some wicked ale.
Angry Orchard, actually.

This morning was not a low Hgl one, on purpose I shot up half the amount which had been causing issues, and I also stayed in bed reading and watching videos till about 11. Hgl at almost noon with no meds or meals was 245. That's about as high as I'll go if I don't eat & don't take my Metformin or shoot up. Injected my base 150 units of regular, had too many things on the schedule to eat yet.

Loaded the dishwasher and put a load of whites in the washing machine.

First stop was Lowe's for a foldable hat. The one I've been using for photography is falling apart and filthy. I would rather wear a baseball cap, but when I switch from landscape to portrait the camera knocks my hat off if it has a hard bill. Found something a little bit different, it flattens pancake style, and it has a bill all around which pops out of the way when pressed. It'll do, I think.

On to Ford, where they had a replacement wiper blade in stock for the rear window, and it cost less than the front wipers did at an auto parts store. I'll install it tomorrow or when I get back from Finland. Also when I get back I'll take the charger in for service. They said it's under warranty.

Macy's for socks. I almost never go there, especially the Sunnyvale store which has announced at least 12 times it is closing soon, but hasn't. They have all kinds of socks, except the ones I came for. But after a lot of walking back and forth (whoever is supposed to put things back in place on the racks has taken the month off), I found six pair at 3pr/$18. I chose one very colorful pattern and one plain Navy. I wanted white, but no can haz. And the more I think about it, white is not really a good idea.

Home, started charging my extra Nikon batteries. I'll have the GPS unit attached, and it sucks battery something awful. Looked through my stash of memory cards, and it turns out the one in the camera is the only 32GB I have, all the others are 16. So off to Fry's, they are very low on SD cards - whoever restocks those is having an affair with the sox person from Macy's, apparently. I bought two 32GB class 10 SDHC cards.

Somewhere around 3 I made a couple of PNB&J sandwiches.

Home, my stash included four 16GB Compact Flash cards, rated 633x, UHD 6. Looked that up online, and it said that old as they are, they beat the SD card write times by about double. So I formatted 3 of those (#4 was non-branded) and put one in the camera with the SD. I think I'll switch over to CF until I run out of space. I didn't see any at Fry's, otherwise I would go tomorrow and pick up a 32GB one. They have gone all-samsung, all-micro claiming that the micro-SD cards for phones are great for cameras, but they are not. Nothing which needs an adapter is as reliable as a direct fit. Hmmm. Best Buy has them. 

Put the suitcase on the bed and added the socks & hat & other stuff. Spook helped. She tried to eat a handkerchief.

Took out the dino pack, but it is too limited to be the carry-on this time. Pulled out the Interop one, which I'd been using at work. It has a handy slot in the front for headphones & tablet. And a zipped pouch for meds & meters. & inside there's a padded laptop & paperwork section. All my camera gear is in there now, camera body lying flat with its lens cover. Lenses in their pouches.

Printed another set of bizcards, and made three into bag tags (3M makes a kit). Put a week's worth of meds into their usual pill boxes, into a big ziplock bag for carry-on and two bags to go into checked baggage, the whole bottle, one for prescriptions one for OTC. Insulin, a day's worth of pen tips and a bag of syringes will go in at the last minute.

Set up the second water fountain, unplugged it after it got primed because it would run out of water before I get back if the pump is running. The newer one lasts longer. Filled the food tower last night.

Dinner was Boston Market beef & noodles. I added some sliced string cheese, which I will not be buying anymore. They changed the formula, it no longer melts. Apparently they are now making it out of plastic.

Got my passport and Euros out of the lock box. Forgot the coins - they are in a different box. I was distracted by accidentally pulling the sliding closet door off its track.

Plans for tonight:
Finish packing the checked bag
Get the Euro coins out and into carry-on

Plans for tomorrow:
Best Buy for CF cards
REI for a foldable hat(?)
Final carry-on packing
water the gardens
Maybe flip the flagstones to keep the birds from messing up the garden (Lee's suggestion)
Put a new cartridge in the litterbox
Top up the new water tower
4 pm Janice will come pick me up and haul me to SFO
7 pm flight
We'll see if my TSA clearance works on Finnair.
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