Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Epic bad end to the day

It finally cleared up enough around noon to go out exploring. Breakfast was light, just eggs & a tiny bit of liver pate and a tiny piece of grilled mackerel, OJ and sparkling water. Dessert was watermelon and then a couple of gluten-free chocolate chip cookies which were way more delicious than gluten free ought to be.

Took the elevator downstairs and bought more postcard stamps, this time 3 designs in a packet of 15. R-kioski had lots of them. Then walked to the train station and took photos all around the area, including one stone building I think is now a theater. And the SkyDinner was in operation. I just can't.

Took a new to me tram ISO the esplanade, but missed my stop, and ended up walking in a neighborhood without trams, but with lots of parks and maple trees. Got on a #3 tram a few blocks away, and decided to change to the #9 at the railway station to get to the con for the after party/BASFA meeting, but as I got on a group of refugee women barged in ahead and behind me, then left the tram as it pulled out. They had my wallet. :-(

So all my credit cards and such are gone, but I still have my passport and cell phone with all the card numbers. I phoned the travel insurance but they were not helpful, except to suggest that I have someone back home wire me money with western union. Called Bank of America, and spent an hour between the credit and debit fraud departments, who wouldn't do anything to help which I couldn't do myself. There are no BofA affiliates in Finland. I hung up on them when the con security people kicked us out of the building.

No mood to go to the party, took the tram home.

The front desk gave me a new room key when I showed my passport. Went online and used the Visa card I'd left home to book my airport shuttle. Used the same card to get the Helsinki transit mobile ticket app. Checked online with Barclay, no charges on that card. Tried to use it to send money to myself with western union, but WU wouldn't take it. Called support, they said it needed to be a Finnish card, or someone else's logging in from the US. Called little sister & her husband, they got it done, but then WU said no, they needed to use their own card, so now there's 200 Euros for me to pick up, the WU place is down in the metro tunnel across the plaza from the back of the hotel.

It rained a little on and off today.

Plans for tomorrow:
It may depend on the weather. But taking a ferry ride to Estonia was the original plan. After I upload this maybe I'll book online...
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