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Short version, happy ending

Up at 5:30 am, could not get back to sleep. Good Hgl numbers. quick shower, breakfast then found the Western Union affiliate, which wasn't easy because the address on the web site does not exist and they have no WU signage. Had to fill out a form to get my $, not just show my passport as advertised.

Used the mobile app to buy a tram ticket. Found the #4, which took me to within 3 blocks of the ferry terminal. Just follow the people with the rolling suitcases.

Way early, but lots of people already waiting. By the time 11:10 boarding time rolled around the place was packed. Mostly locals, some people from Asia & Africa. Finns are very patient waiting but once the doors open they turn feral. It's a very long walk from the waiting area to the ship.

Not really a ferry, but a 10-deck Viking Cruise ship with a car deck, on a 2-hour shuttle run. Lots of places to sit, most with people already sitting in them.

Way too many smokers, lighting up all over the place.

Some interesting shots of the little islands, then mostly open sea.

At Tallinn, bought a ticket for the hop on/hop off bus, assuming they would run until ferry boarding time.

It was a gyp. The bus drove way fast over bumpy roads. There was a place to plug in the provided earphones for the narration, but earbuds were cheap and kept falling out. And the language dial gave Spanish on the English mark, and English on the Russian mark.

Got off at the Old Town stop, which is the area where the old city wall is. My main reason for going. Took my time exploring, dodging tour groups and taking detail photos. Got back to the bus stop at 16:30. The sign said I had missed the last bus. Nobody else was waiting which was A Sign.

After 15 minutes or so, a tour group in English came down the road, and I asked the guide for advice on how to get back to the ship. She offered me a ride on their tour bus, they were heading there anyway and had open seats.

Got to the cruise line terminal, which is a long walk from the ferry terminal, and she got the driver to bring us back to within a block from the ferry terminal, after all the passengers had left. She was going that way anyway.

I gave her my card, hope to hear from her so I can say nice things about her to her organization. And to her. Tall, slender, blonde, speaks English, heart of gold.

Back on the ship, this time boarding was early, no feral crowds. Lots of people partaking of the expensive buffet.

Instead of hanging around outside, this time I explored the ship. Found a bar with a dance band, another with karaoke, five or six places to eat, a deli shop, mini casino (electronic games only).

After we landed I saw the #5 tram right in front of the terminal (Google maps is no good at this), took it to the stop nearest the hotel, and walked a few blocks.

In my room, realized that the dozen or so postcards I'd written & stamped on board needed to be mailed, and I needed some food, so reluctantly went out again, bought a sandwich & Coke Zero and mailed the cards.

Had a chocolate bar for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Check out
Take the tram to the bottom of the hill & find the Finnair shuttle bus. My ticket can be used at any time, so I'll try for noon.
4 pm flight to SFO, arrives about the same time it left.
GOES card was stolen, but since I have not reported it I should be able to use the ID number at SFO
We'll see.
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