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And The Fun Begins

Up an hour before the alarm, decided to go with it and be at work an hour early. Virtual Monday coming on Wednesday was only a little bit odd. I printed a check made out to cash, and after a quick messenger chat with Boss, drove to the nearest BofA and got some greenbacks. I have a CA senior ID card, which looks like a driver's license, and was good enough ID for the teller. Did not have to launch my passport.

Back to work, started running a test. Early lunch in case Boss came by for our sync. Two breakfast croissants, some artichoke hearts and Famous Amos. Was still feeling low, Hgl meter said 66. That's way low for after a meal. I ate all the things left in the cooler.

Boss did show up, we had a nice chat, she's going out of the country next week. She's okay with me taking time out to wait in line at the DMV (I have an appointment but it's in a month.) Parting word is I need to make sure the blinds are closed and everything is locked up when I leave Friday, because there's a racists march coming through campus Saturday. And knowing my local anti-racists, they will be there too, and it won't be peaceful. MVPD stays as far away from Google as possible, but there is a new fire station right at the end of the block.

Also got a call from my contract rep. We need to Do Lunch. And she wanted to know if I knew any codec engineers. I may. Will have to check LinkedIn.

Got some work done, automation coder gave me a new set of bits, and the tests are way out of order compared to the last 3 builds.

Wrote my LJ update from work, something I do not like doing.

Hung around work late, had a 6:30 nails appointment. Got my nails done, but kept nodding off, and the sweet young thing who is now my regular person was a bit flustered, her mind was on it being the end of the day. I'm back to having clear nails.

Walked around the corner to Safeway, intending on buying cuticle oil and a handful of frozen dinners. Spent $70+ on a lot of impulse buys, but did get all the frozen things I needed. Did not get cuticle oil, remembered the nails person saying vaseline was the best thing for them. Baby oil #2. I have both.

Home, three of the little lights by the driveway were knocked over and at first I thought it was from some idiot running over them, turning around in my driveway, but on closer look it was Lee. She had watered the garden while I was away (I had asked her not to) and had made a mess of the hose near where those lights are. And she turned off the water on all the hoses, which makes them kink up. Grrr.

Mail was in the box, but not the vacation hold, which should have been either in the box or on the porch. :-(

Spook continues to yell. And run away. I ordered another set of litterbox cartridges. She still has plenty of food & water.

Printed a check to pay back sister for the funds she & husband wired to me. Found an appropriate card & stamps. They are off on a bike/car ride to Canada.

No dinner, but I had a lovely dessert - German chocolate cake a la mode.

Am uploading photos to Flickr without editing them...maybe a mistake. Mysteriously I have no photos from Day 7.  The 12th. Saturday.  I'll have to check the laptop. My usual habit is to cut from the camera and paste to the PC, I may have done that for the one day. Mystery solved, I'd misnamed my folders, had two for the 12th.

Plans for tomorrow:
more photos
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