Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Of course I have a cold now

After a ferry, plane and DMV full of children, how could I not have picked up a cold?
Got to the DMV at 9. There was a line out the door and halfway around the side of the building and it wasn't moving because the minion they posted by the door to hand out forms & clipboards decided his job was to have extended conversations with everyone. After an hour, he finally was called inside to do some actual work, and the line moved about 50 feet closer.

2.5 hours of standing in line, first in the hot sun, then in the maze queue inside the building, to get a number. The DMV posts the wait time online, but it's the wait time after you get a number. It was posted as an hour. It was closer to 2 hours. Turning in the form, answering 2 questions, providing a thumbprint and paying $27 took about 3 minutes. This all should have been do-able online. Irony is I could have renewed my license online (except it still had years left on it).

No food or drink allowed in the building, so as soon as I got to the hole I took my lunch to the break room (after 1 pm already!).

At work there was one simple new project to do, which would have worked better if the update had worked. The nextdoor engineers gave me a different box with the right build on it.

The cold was starting up, break time I took some sinus pills from the first aid box next door, and had a chocolate hazelnut iced sparkling drink.

There was a lot of eye candy at the DMV, and in the break room. Way too many babies in strollers in the DMV - people need to discover baby sitters.

The DMV trip drained the car battery so I plugged in after work (I stayed an hour late) down the block and found the break room there, had some mint tea.

Home, accumulated mail was delivered, only one piece out of about a dozen was not shredder fodder.

Took some Dayquil and a nap. Woke up just before the 10 pm alarm, had roast chicken frozen dinner & ice cream.

Processed a couple of days of Helsinki photos and uploaded them. Day 6, my trip to the skywheel & waterfront market is here.

Locks of love

Tall ships

Short ship

Today's crop

Masquerade fan photo shoot FAIL

Time to take drugs and get to bed.

Plans for tomorrow:

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