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Up with the alarm. Added Dayquil to the morning meds & put a spare pair in my pocket. My cold was getting worse, but not a huge problem. Used a lot of Kleenex®. I'm by myself in the lab, not real concerned about making anyone else sick.

Called AG, he said his Apple interview was like they wanted a robot to do their programming. He thinks they should just buy a computer. No word from them 2 weeks later. My guess is they are required to interview x number of outsiders before they can hire the insider they already promised the job to.

Continued the testing I started yesterday, thought I was done and had moved on to another TV when the project leader asked about a couple of tests which I did not think were required on his machine. Turns out it's a TV, not an STB, it just doesn't have a monitor attached. To be continued Monday.

Before leaving home I ordered a couple of neutral density filters for the Nikon zoom, one ought to show up Sunday, in time to use for the eclipse Monday morning. If the weather then is like it was this morning, we won't see a thing through the cloud cover.

Lunch was chicken a la king, cole slaw and cookies. I keep forgetting I have grapes.

Breakfast was sans bananas. The minion forgot to put them out till lunchtime.

Stayed till 6, home, napped. Spook spread herself out across the bathroom threshold. She played with her Darth Mouse toy.

Dinner was easy - I have a metric tonne of home made chicken soup in the freezer. And there were three matzo balls as well.

Processed and uploaded the rest of the travel photos.

Day 6: Skywheel & naked lady statue & market are here.
Day 7: SkyDinner, stone buildings, train station, naked men statue here.
Day 8: Viking Lines "ferry" and Tallinn, Estonia here.

There are 4 of these dousing the naked lady. She's pretty hot.

Sky Dinner.  I just cannot.

Sky Dinner - going up!

One of the Tallinn town wall turrets.

Homework? Writing the Great Estonian Novel™?

Interesting name...

In the mailbox was a wallet re-ordered from Amazon. Now my pocket feels normal again. Also in the mail was the replacement debit card. And a check from Chase for about $5 because it was sitting there with no activity for 90 days. Day 92 is when I used that card to pay the Helsinki hotel bill.

All the charges from Helsinki cleared, so I paid off the Chase & BofA cards. Still need to save up to pay off the Mastercard which is my Amazon click-to-buy one.

Also received the replacement Clipper card.

And a bag of saffron bulbs.

Plans for tomorrow:
If I'm still feeling stuffy, cancel the photo shoot and take the car in to have the charger checked.
Otherwise, photo shoot at noon.
Flip up the flagstones at the front of the garden. That should keep the birds from digging & making a mess.
Maybe plant the saffron bulbs in the compost pile.

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