Weird Dream Channel

This one was so vivid I still remember it half a day later. Blame Nyquil. And my Helsinki/Estonia experiences.

I am at a bus station, and cannot find the right bus. I get on a random bus, and it heads out as soon as I am aboard. No one will tell me where the bus is headed.

I am sitting up front, so can see straight ahead. We arrive at a cruise ship parking area, not a formal terminal, a place where you would get off the bus and walk to the ship. I'm feeling relieved because I expect to be able to get off the bus and find one which is going where I want to go. 

But instead of stopping, the bus powers up a driveway which turns into a narrow yellow ramp going uphill at a slight angle. We accelerate, and fly off the end of the ramp, splashing into the ocean, where the bus turns out to be a cruise ship.

Which is when I wake up, wondering where I am.


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