Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Almost Alive

Went to sleep around 7pm, woke up at 3 am and checked my phone. There was email from both the hotel and the tram company saying my wallet was found, everything in it except the cash. Tram maintenance found it at a depot on the other side of town from where my pocket was picked. Maintenance manager will drop it off at a lost & found service which he sent a link to, and they will send it to me for a small fee. I think I have already ordered replacements for everything in there except my SS card.

Up early, was already at work filing bugs when AG called. The idea was to be able to set up eclipse photography at 10, but work stuff got in the way. By the time I got set up it was half an hour or more into it, and at the piddling percentage of totality here, most of my photos look the same.

Cropped versions are here:

I took too many, too often, and got bored early.
Lots of down time, but also lots of tedious troubleshooting of an item which only gets set when the machine is first launched. It takes about 15 minutes to wipe the data and reboot. Maybe 20.

Testing YouTube, found a really phony ghost eyewitness interview show in Thai. I don't think any of the panel are actual psychics and they all led the witnesses the same way it's done on USA TV. But they added a level of annoying by inserting a sound effect like thunder or distant canon fire with every revelation - about three times a minute.

Home, back roads all the way were fairly light but slow & stupid.

Processed the eclipse photos and uploaded them. Must remember to take the filters off the lens.

7:30, went to Great Clips and got greatly clipped. Then Safeway, they had nice big limes, and I settled for generic menthol cough drops (they did not have sugar free except in noxious flavors) and they were all out of caramel sugar free candies.

On the way home stopped at Lucky's, no caramels there either. Amazon shows a 2-month delay.

Home, dinner was Banquet fried drumsticks, cole slaw and artichoke hearts. And chocolate ice cream.

Delivered was the Mastercard.
UPS says the BofA credit card will be here late tomorrow.
Also delivered was a Polaroid many-in-one filter which may go back. Depends on what it cost.
I am now shot up and drugged and ready to go to bed.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up with the alarm, be out by 8:30 when the power is shut off for the day.
Work, not much on my plate
Home, TBD

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