Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Some stuff came together today

Email arrived around midnight from the Finland lost & found company, with an invoice for mailing my wallet back. Since it was in euros I wanted to wait till I had the BofA no-exchange-fee card. UPS expected it to be delivered late in the day.

Up early, left the house at about 8, since the power was being turned off at 8:30. Monitoring my smarthub and cat cams, it came back on at about 2 pm, not 4:30 as scheduled. We'll have another shut-off Thursday so I'm not bothering to reset any clocks.

Surprised that all the breakfast things were set up at work that early. There is some massive meeting going on in the break room building, lunchtime there was a huge stack of box lunches from Specialty's, which is kind of bizarre since Google has its own kitchens. AG called to thank me for the postcard.

Not much work to do in the hole. I emailed a manager asking for a unit to test some new software on, he said he would get it to me later in the day, but never did. Mostly I ran a test on YouTube having to do with continuous playback. But the new release of YouTube for Android has a feature that if you don't touch the keyboard or remote for x number of minutes, it prompts you to see if you are still watching and if you don't respond it stops playing. I think it ought to be an option, for those of us who like to listen to the audio while in another room cooking or doing laundry.

One thing I did at work was order all the stuff from walmart which Amazon and the grocery stores were out of stock. Free shipping for $35 or more.

BofA card was on my front porch when I got home. I filled out the form, they needed it faxed or mailed. No online checkout, which is strange because there was one when I first notified them. Printed out the form, filled in the bank card info, tried to fax it from my nextiva e-fax account, but it won't take a foreign phone number. So off to Fedex, where their fax was out of order. Luckily, they have another in the staff room, and were able to send the fax from there. It was only about $7.

Still waiting for the Comcast cable card for the Tivo, UPS says tomorrow. While dining on popcorn shrimp and mini egg rolls, I watched junk TV. America's Got Howie and Bachelors in Paradise which was all interviews with the cast who got the rug pulled out from under them when some staff member apparently didn't like that the black guy was getting it on with the blonde chick, and lodged a false sexual harassment claim. That's my assessment, nobody on the show exposed the elephant in the room.

Plans for tomorrow:
11:30 lunch date with my contract rep at the lakeside cafe. I cannot believe she suggested eating in a Google cafeteria. The food sucks, the crowds are insane and it's impossible to carry on a conversation.
Maybe bingo

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