Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Lots of driving

Out the door at 8:45, autopilot overrode my plans to take back roads, but when I saw the backup0 to get onto 101 I made a U-turn and took the back route. By the time I got to the 101 on-ramp by Moffett, traffic was at 60mph. As usual too many stupid drivers in the exit-only lane who didn't want to exit only.

At work at 8:55, grabbed breakfast, did some youtubing. Switched to Netflix, and right away found a bug. Started to file a bug report, but at 11:15 had top leave t meet contract rep for lunch. Turns out she had no idea where the lakeside cafe was. It's beside the lake. I messaged her a map. She was only half an hour late.

But we had a good chat. The food, unfortunately, has degenerated. Neither of us finished our meal. Like me, she would rather be a photographer. Seems she is a single mom. Her daughters are very pretty. But then, so is she.

Back to work, was out of Coke so I looked to grab my hat and go across the street for a refill, but no hat. It was in my jacket, which was at the cafe. Drove back to the cafe, and the jacket was still on the chair. While I was there I bought a coke to go.

A work, still no unit to work on so I pinged the manager. He got on it and I was able to drive to the big building and pick it up. Hacked a couple of Ingress portals while I was there. Also got some dark chocolate malt balls and M&Ms to take back with me.

Back to the hole, set up the new unit, tested the allegedly fixed bug. It did not appear to have been fixed. Updated the bug, got an instant response from Europe,  asking which videos I'd tested, so I fired up a TV which did not have the bug and found three which worked correctly.

Time to leave. But the car battery was nearly drained so I parked in the garage and plugged in. Waited outside the cafeteria and read from the Kindle app. At 6:30-ish I braved the crowds and chaos and got two slices of the world's worst pizza and several little desserts. Took those outside, which was sort of a mistake without my jacket on. It got cold and windy quickly.

Home by the back roads, probably would have made the same time on 101.

It was a day of stupid people in the roads. One jerk who had a home made segue - no handle, just balanced on it - in the bicycle lane. Another jerk on a motorized skateboard pretending he had the same rights as a bicycle, navigation through traffic. Couples on their cell phones walking in the middle of the street. One bicyclist blocking two lanes as I reached the IFH. I should use my horn more.

Home, delivered was the replacement Global Entry card, and two boxes from Walmart which could easily have fit into the smaller box, from the same order. Fedex listed them as coming from jet.com. Uh, no.

UPS still says at 10 pm my cable card is in transit, due to be delivered today. I doubt it.

No indication the lost & found got my fax. No email, no charge on my bank card.

Plans for tomorrow:

Out early - another power outage scheduled for 8:30
Hopefully install cable card, nuke my slingtv and cbs all access accounts.

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